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Regain Your Confidence With A Healthy and Beautiful Smile!

Oral hygiene is an important element of our overall wellbeing. The more you ignore a malady of the teeth the worse it is liable to become. Gingivitis, tooth decay, tooth loss, broken, chipped, and yellowed teeth require care and proper treatment. Our dental clinic serves the residents of Cinnaminson and Moorestown, providing general and specialized services for all members of a family.

Reliable and producing long lasting effects, our services range from cosmetic to pediatric, and our skilled dentist, Dr. Huh, is experienced in intricate procedures like root canals and extraction. Give us a call at (856) 829-8668 and book an appointment with us today to give your teeth the care that they deserve.

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Our Services

``Rapha`` means ``to heal``, ``make healthful.``


Whiter teeth—brighter you! New Jersey residents looking for dental services at affordable rates can now avail our services

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are permanent and appealing solution to replace missing teeth. They are better than other alternatives like bridges because no additional teeth

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Some dentists don’t do extractions at all and refer patients out to Oral Surgeon even though it can be easily done on site.

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Root Canal

When cavity becomes large enough, they end up getting into the nerve inside the tooth. If that happens, the nerve inside the tooth gets infected

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Many people are afraid of dentists and hate dentists. It is the most common reason why people don’t go to dentist and end up having multiple issues in their mouth.

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I can treat everybody including children and elderly. I try my best to treat patient regardless of their age to treat the whole family in my office.

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What makes us different from the other dental clinics

We make our customers happy

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Dentist’s Schedule

9 am – 7 pm
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Saturday (Closed on Last Sat)
9 am– 2 pm


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1. Exam/Cleaning
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Price List

All CleaningCrownsExtractionsFillingsDenture

Core/post preparation


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Children under 14 years of age

$30 $25

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Scale and polish with hygienist


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Routine extraction


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Acrylic denture


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  • Oral Examination
  • Laser Decay Detection
  • Intra-Oral Xrays
  • Extended Opening Hours
  • Clear Treatment Plans


Crown & Bridgework

  • NZ-based Master Ceramists
  • Advanced Materials
  • Biocompatible
  • CEREC Option
  • Single Visit Option

Our Team

Meet the dream team

Dr. Mark Huh


Dr. Huh was born in Seoul, South Korea. He attended the University of Washington at Seattle to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry.

Our team is full of diverse and enjoyable personalities. Everyone works as hard as they can to create an organized, enjoyable and welcoming workplace.

I enjoy meeting our patients and am pleased to help them with their dental needs. I love the team atmosphere and working with such a great group of people.


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