In - House Orthodontist with Invisalign

We have In-House Orthodontist who can treat you with Invisalign.
We work with the company named Evenly to provide orthodontic treatment at our location.

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Wayne Hickory, DMD, MS, MDS – Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Wayne Hickory DMD, MS, MDS serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Evenly. Dr. Hickory is widely recognized as the nation’s leading clear aligner orthodontist and has been at the forefront of nearly every major orthodontic innovation for the past 25 years. Formerly on the orthodontic faculty of the University of Amsterdam and University of Maryland, he has lectured internationally on orthodontics and aligner treatment and has pioneered such technologies as Teledentistry, Lingual Orthodontics, Clear Aligner Therapy and Vibration Technology.

For millions of Americans, braces are a necessity. Many of our patients express their distaste for visible metal braces. We understand how uncomfortable metal braces can be for you, which is why we offer Invisalign services at our dental clinic in Cinnaminson, NJ. If you’re looking for a clear and removable alternative to braces, then Invisalign is the perfect choice for you. These aligners are custom-made to offer little to no discomfort. Our in-house orthodontist can help you achieve your ideal smile without having to compromise on a long waiting period.  We are also working with Evenly, a company equally as dedicated to providing great orthodontic treatment as we are. Consult with us today to get Invisalign treatment at our location.

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