Welcoming, Clean & Open Dental Office

We want our patients to feel welcomed when they walk in to our office. Unlike typical dental offices, our waiting area is wide open. You can see the entire office, even our sterilization area as soon as you walk in. While you are on the waiting area wondering what’s happening inside, you can see everything yourself. We wanted to show our patients our transparency and openness, so we designed our waiting area with this philosophy.

We are conveniently located on Route 130. Rapha Dental provides spacious parking lot, wheel chair accessible entrance and restrooms.

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One Owner Dentist

Dr. Huh is an owner dentist and practicing dentistry since 2009. Patients do not have to see different dentists when they come in. Unlike big dental offices, there are no partner dentists, associate dentists who comes and goes, no manager, no equity owners for the company who only cares about financial net benefit. Patients do not have to worry about going through multiple people who’s in charge or experience bureaucracy here. Decision making process is seamless. You will be treated with consistent, caring philosophy. Dr. Huh is planning to treat patients for many years until he retires here at Cinnaminson. We will treat you like our family, we want to grow old with you!

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4 Myths about Dental Implants Debunked

All Dental Services In-House

Dr. Huh has interests in all aspects of dentistry. Some dentists do not want to or cannot perform certain procedures like root canals, implants, extractions. Dr. Huh believes that general dentist should be able to perform those procedures to treat patients properly. Abilities to perform root canals and extractions are critical skills to help patients who are in pain. Dr. Huh went through extensive additional training after the graduation of dental school to master those procedures. Dr. Huh also offers mild sedation such as laughing gas as needed for pediatric patients as well. For braces, Rapha Dental offers Invisalign services by specialist in our location. Dr. Huh is a general dentist and also knows his limit. For complicated cases, we do offer referral to established specialty offices nearby. We will only do what’s best for our patients.

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Up to Date, High-Tech Dentistry

When Dr. Huh founded Rapha Dental, he invested in dental equipment to provide patients with most up to date treatment. Unlike some dental offices that invested in luxurious looking interior and waiting room to attract more patients with good first impression, he invested the money into something that can actually help patients. He believed that waiting room and interior just needed to be clean and neat, and didn’t need to be luxurious. Instead, he invested money into 3-D CT Machine for implant placement, Digital Scanner for Crowns, Soft Tissue laser, comfortable dental chairs, and so on. He also believes in using good quality materials for patients.

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Great Patient Reviews

Majority of out patients are coming to us by our great reviews. Word of mouth referral from our existing patients are the main source. Also, patients choose us after checking our wonderful online reviews such as Google, Facebook. Please check us out.



We are available to patients when needed

Rapha Dental offers Evening Hours twice a week and also offers Saturday hours every week. Dr. Huh understands that some patients need those hours due to their busy work schedule.

Also, Rapha Dental is growing dental office. We prepared enough numbers of treatment rooms and staffs to accommodate increasing number of patients. Have you been told to wait a few weeks to be seen when you were having toothache? Was it hard to make an appointment for check up and cleaning because the schedule was booked for months?

We can accommodate your need to your satisfaction! Give us a call today


Supporting Our Community

Rapha Dental cares about the community and support local schools.

Rapha Dental is a sponsor for sporting events of Cinnaminson Middle School (Cinnaminson Pirates) and Delran High School (Delran Bears).


Rapha Dental uses Quality Dental Lab

To provide patients with the best dental work, the role of dental lab is very important. Even though dentist does perfect job, the outcome cannot be good without the help of good dental lab. Our removable dental work such as partial or full dentures are done in reputable local lab nearby. Since they are close, we can provide patients with quick repairs for their dentures. Sometimes, it can be done on the same day! Our beautiful dental crowns are made in New York City.


Tech Savvy Dental Office

We understand that patients want easier communication these days. Rapha Dental offers text messaging service. You can send text message to our main phone number like you are sending text message to your friend. We also offer answering service that can access our office schedule and provide extended hours of service even after we are closed. When all of our front desk staffs are busy on the phone, they can help you out with scheduling instead of putting you on long hold.

Rapha Dental also offers Online Booking, so patients can make appointment themselves for simple procedures such as check up or emergency. Most dental offices offer “appointment request.” It simply sends an email to dental office and you still have to wait for someone from the office to get back to you. Our Online Booking is different, you can actually make an appointment right now. If you are ready to visit us, please check it out below. We look forward to meeting with you.

Online Booking


We Strive for Painless Dentistry

We understand that many people are afraid of dentistry because of pain and needle injection.

For injection, we use topical anesthesia first before we inject needle. Also, we take time during administration of local anesthesia to minimize patient’s discomfort. We also have a device called Dental Vibe to distract patient with vibration during dental injection upon request.

We also offer Nitrous Oxide Gas (Laughing Gas) for those who have anxiety. In addition, Dr. Huh has Enteral Sedation, so we can also prescribe anti-anxiety medication for your dental procedure.

Eliminating dental pain is our primary goal. We will focus on your pain than anything else.