Restorative (Crowns and Bridges and Dentures)

“Bridge is a fast solution to replace missing teeth. The disadvantage is that I have shape your adjacent natural teeth to use them as an abutment. Many dentists don’t educate patients well about this fact. But if you need a large restoration on adjacent teeth anyway, or implant is not a good option due to lack of bone on that area, you may be a good candidate for Bridge. Bridge is not removable, it will stay there permanently and it will work and feel like a natural teeth. If you are missing a tooth you should strongly consider having it replaced. Besides the aesthetic disadvantage of missing a tooth, it could also cause structural changes to your mouth and jaw, as well as making it difficult to eat or speak properly. Set up an appointment today to restore your smile.”

– Dr. Huh

Navigating daily life with damaged or missing teeth can negatively affect your oral health. It is important to get your damaged oral structures fixed as soon as you possibly can. If you ignore them for too long, they can permanently alter your teeth alignments and mouth structure. Our experienced and skilled dentist in Cinnaminson, NJ can restore your missing or damaged teeth within little time. You can consult us for restorative services so we can properly assess your case and determine which restorative dental treatment will be right for you. Potential treatments can include white fillings, dental implants, or most commonly, bridges.

Do you want to have the smile of your dreams?