Zoom Teeth Whitening Service

Tooth discoloration is a source of embarrassment for most of us. It’s a common condition that causes teeth to appear stained or yellow. Not just the enamel, it’s also possible for you to stain the inner dentin of your teeth.

Several bad habits contribute to teeth staining, such as eating pigmented berries, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, taking medications (especially antibiotics), or chewing tobacco. Apart from greatly reducing your smile quality, stained teeth can also contribute to oral health concerns such as halitosis or bad breath, tooth decay due to the accumulation of tartar and plaque, and gum diseases. But that’s not all; inadequate oral hygiene may also contribute to some serious respiratory diseases.

Fortunately, tooth discoloration is a fixable problem. Contrary to popular beliefs regarding teeth whitening treatments causing permeant sensitivity, the Zoom White Teething guarantees little to no sensitivity concerns while conducting the procedure as well as afterward.

How Does Flaunting a Bright New Smile Sound?

We bring a promising in-house treatment for teeth whitening — Rapha Dental LLC has introduced Zoom White Teething to help you whiten your smile by nearly eight shades in just 45 minutes. This chairside product is brought to you by Philips to supplement teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost.

Note: Dentists at Rapha Dental LLC have been trained extensively to become certified Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed providers.

The in-house treatment utilizes an HP gel and blue LED accelerated light technology to accelerate teeth whitening. It also consists of ACP or Amorphous Calcium Phosphate to help improve brightness, reduce sensitivity, and deliver additional enamel protection. Ninety-nine percent of patients surveyed post-treatment reported feeling little to no sensitivity. This technology has proven to outlast all other whitening treatments in terms of efficacy and results.

The same-day teeth whitening treatment executed at the hands of a dentist guarantees a painless process followed up by a whiter smile. There are three lamp intensity settings (i.e., high, medium, and low) to choose from on the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed device to ensure that each patient receives a comfortable teeth whitening experience.

About Rapha Dental LLC

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