Painless Injection or Dental Vibe

“I understand that injection is the part many patients are afraid of the most. I take my time and inject slowly without rushing, always apply topical anesthesia first and try to be always gentle as much as possible. I also bought this device that shakes the soft tissue, so patients can feel less pain. Please try painless injection at my office.”

– Dr. Huh

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40 million Americans refuse to visit the dentist because of their fear of needles!


As many as 40 million Americans refuse to go to the dentist because of a fear of needles. But if you’re skipping out on recommended dental care, you’re putting more than just your smile at risk. Recent research indicates that the health of your mouth reflects the health of your body as a whole.


DentalVibe is a unique tool that can help alleviate dental fear and anxiety, allowing you to get the dental treatment you need to stay healthy.

DentalVibe provides gentle vibration to the site of the dental injection.


This vibration overloads the nerve that sends pain signals to the brain so that you don’t register the pain or discomfort from the injection.

The sound of the vibration creates an added distraction, and the vibration also helps disperse the anesthesia once it’s injected so that it can work even faster.


Patients who experience an injection with DentalVibe are often unaware when the injection actually occurs.

DentalVibe is especially helpful in reducing dental fear among children.

In fact, many patients have said that if such a tool had been available when they were younger, their dental fears would never have begun.



Needle fears keep many people away from the dentist. Postponing dental procedures because of these fears is common, but ultimately results in worsening problems and other serious oral health concerns.

DentalVibe applies a light vibration to the tissues around the injection site while anesthesia injections are administered.


Research has shown that when vibration and injection sensations are occurring simultaneously.

The vibration feeling reaches the brain first and essentially blocks the feeling of the injection from being perceived by the brain. Children and adults no longer have to be afraid of the needle.