“I can treat everybody including children and elderly. I try my best to treat patient regardless of their age to treat the whole family in my office. I approach children in calm and gentle way usually in the morning appointment to see if they can handle the treatment and sometimes use laughing gas if needed. I also put a TV on the ceiling in the treatment room to give them some fun and distraction during the treatment”

– Dr. Huh

Every parent knows how difficult it can be to take their children to the dentist. It’s already a challenge to instill healthy oral habits in your children, due to which you might need to make several annual visits to our dental clinic in Cinnaminson, NJ. But once you’re here, we’ll do everything in our power to make the visit as comfortable for your child as possible. Many of our patients fully trust us as their general dentist in Cinnaminson due to our quality of service. Your children will be no exception. We use distraction tactics like cartoons and laughing gas whenever needed or asked for to make the visit fun for your little one.

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