“Many people are afraid of dentists and hate dentists. It is the most common reason why people don’t go to dentist and end up having multiple issues in their mouth. As a dentist who’s performing dental procedure on patients every day, it is easy to forget that fact. I understand that patients are afraid and try to be gentle and take time on every patients. It is not something I can do at dental offices where I have to treat large amount of patients in a limited time. That’s one of the reason why I started my own practice.

I also have Enteral Sedation Permit and can prescribe medication that can calm patient down for dental procedure. Patients can take the medication at the night before the procedure, take again 1 hour before the procedure and come to the office with someone. It requires additional time for me to monitor patients but I do not charge extra for that. I also have laughing gas (N2O) available for patients who need it.”

– Dr. Huh

It is completely normal and super common to be nervous during a dental procedure, especially an invasive one. As your general dentists in Cinnaminson, NJ, we understand how much you hate having to get whatever dental procedure it is that you need to get. That’s why we administer sedative drugs that can calm you down during a procedure. If you choose to take medication for sedation, we can prescribe you the best ones. If you’d prefer laughing gas (N2O), we got that too. You don’t have to be concerned about the authenticity or safety of these materials either, because we have an Enteral Sedation Permit.

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