Urgent Care Dentist in Cherry Hill

When Should You Visit an Urgent Care Dentist in Cherry Hill?

What Does an Urgent Care Dentist Do?

An urgent care dentist in Cherry Hill handles dental emergencies without an appointment. Dental emergencies treated at Rapha Dental in Cherry Hill include but are not limited to knocked-out teeth, severe dental abscesses, cracked teeth, or partially dislodged teeth.

What is not considered a dental emergency? If you are experiencing any of the following, you can probably wait to see the dentist and simply make an appointment:

  • Mild toothache that recently began causing discomfort
  • Something stuck between the teeth that isn’t causing a visible separation of two teeth
  • Small crack or chip in a tooth (usually can wait a couple of days to be treated)
  • Minor gum sore or cut that recently happened
  • Lost filling (not a dental emergency if the filling is small and does not comprise most of the tooth)

However, a dental problem accompanied by severe pain, bleeding, or poses a serious risk to your health should be seen immediately by a Cherry Hill urgent care dentist.

What Should You Do After Cracking a Tooth?


If possible, save as many pieces of the broken tooth and rinse them with clean water. Place a piece of gauze on the tooth if the surrounding gums are bleeding. To ease pain and swelling until you get to the dentist, gently press a cold compress on the outside of your face near the cracked tooth.

Saving pieces of a cracked tooth helps the dentist determine how much of the tooth is damaged and what kind of treatment to use on the broken tooth.

What Should You Do After Knocking Out a Tooth?

It takes a lot of force to knock a tooth completely out of the gums. In most cases, a person with a knocked-out tooth has sustained a powerful blow to the jaw that requires the attention of an emergency room doctor.

If you are with someone whose tooth is knocked out, pick up the tooth by its roots and rinse the tooth with water. Do not clean the tooth. Leave any pieces of gum tissue on the tooth. Put the tooth in a small cup or glass of water containing a pinch of salt and see an urgent care dentist in Cherry Hill as soon as possible.

When the person with a knock-out tooth is conscious and not suffering any health problems, a dentist may be able to save the tooth if the tooth can be reattached to the socked in less than 60 minutes.

Call an Urgent Care Dentist in Cherry Hill for More Information About Dental Emergencies

If you’re still not sure whether you have a dental emergency on your hands, contact Rapha Dental today for immediate help. In addition to providing urgent care, Dr. Mark Huh offers cosmetic dental treatments, dental implants, root canals, restorative dental techniques, and Invisalign clear tray aligners to patients of all ages.

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