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According to one survey, one out of every three Americans hasn’t seen their dentist since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. That number may not be entirely surprising as finding a good family dentist can be tough.

If you count yourself among those searching for a new family dentist in the New Jersey area, I’ve got you covered. Here are my tips for finding the best cosmetic or family dentist in Timbuctoo!

Read Reviews

Using a simple online search can be a helpful starting point when looking around for a new general dentist. Combing through reviews is an excellent way to gather pertinent information on how a dental office runs its business.

Reviews provide a template for the positive experiences and trustworthiness clients can come to expect for their dental care such as:

  • Overall treatment options available
  • Certifications and background
  • Does the dentist listen and explain?
  • Is the dentist willing to follow through?
  • What are the staff like?

Reviews are a good way to confirm the overall level of care the dental office provides to new and current patients alike.

Ask for Referrals

It can be hard to find the perfect dentist, but once you do, you want to let everyone know what great service you’ve received. When you’re gathering information about where you want to sign up for dental services, ask around for referrals from friends and family.

Referrals are a good way to get a feel for how treatment might go for you.

Search out the person who has gotten more than the usual teeth cleaning done from their dentist. They will be a good resource to refer to for a front and center perspective of the level of care provided.

Confirm Office Hours

Some dental offices are only open certain days during the week. If you’ve got a schedule that only allows you to book appointments on Wednesdays, you want to be sure your new dentist is open during that time frame.

Going to a new dentist shouldn’t be stressful. Find a dentist that has office hours that align with your work or personal schedule. In addition to hours, make sure the location of the dentist office fits your needs as well.

If you’re in need of an emergency appointment, driving to a convenient location will help save you some stress that sometimes gets associated with dentist visits. If you need to visit a cosmetic dentist for procedures a few times per month, a convenient location will make all the difference when traveling for appointments.

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I hope these tips for finding dental care in Timbuctoo have been helpful! If you’re ready to book your next appointment with a family dentist, Rapha Dental has got you covered.

We want all of our patients to feel welcomed from the moment they pull up to our offices. We’re available for all general and emergency dentistry services to accommodate for your busy schedules.

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