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A recent study found that only 35% of Americans visit the dentist annually. Oftentimes, people don’t have time to visit the dentist, so they ignore their dental issues.

However, ignoring the issue generally makes it worse. So how can you find a local dentist that’s open on the weekend?

Don’t worry! We’ve found all you need to know about finding a dentist open on Saturday.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at finding a weekend dentist in Westampton:

Look For Dentists With Emergency Hours

If you are looking for a weekend dentist, look for one with emergency hours. You can find out if a practice has emergency hours by looking at their hours of operation. Usually, the practice will state when they are open and for what services.

If the practice does indeed take emergency appointments, then it’s likely they will be open on a Saturday. However, generally on weekends, dental offices do not take new patient cleanings or annual checkups.

Weekend appointments are typically secured for emergencies only. That way, dentists can help relieve patients’ pain quickly without waiting until after the weekend.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Some dentist’s offices are open on weekends for emergencies; however, what is classified as a dental emergency? Dental emergencies are often defined as any dental issue that requires treatment to stop bleeding, ease severe pain, or save a tooth. So, for example, if you have a terrible toothache, swollen or bleeding gums, or even a broken crown, you can ask for a dental visit due to an emergency.

Since these issues are severe, don’t wait a few days before calling a dental professional. You must speak with or see a dentist right away if you don’t want your problem to get worse.

What Is Not a Dental Emergency?

Now that you know what a dental emergency is, let’s look at what’s not a dental emergency. Common issues like food stuck between teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, and dull toothache is all classified as non-emergency dental situations.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t consult a dentist about your problem. In fact, if your issue persists, you should definitely contact your dentist. Although don’t use emergency hours for these problems, as they are likely to go away in a matter of hours.

Find a Weekend Dentist in Westampton Today

To find a weekend dentist in Westampton, look at a dentist’s hours of operation. Some dental practices will be open on Saturdays for emergency appointments only.

Dental emergencies are classified by severe pain and uncontrollable bleeding. So if you have a severe toothache or bleeding gums, you can book an emergency appointment. However, if you have a non-urgent problem, you’ll have to schedule an appointment during normal business hours.

Dental emergencies are serious and can lead to worse problems if ignored. Contact us today if you believe you have an emergency.

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