10 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

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Children Dentist in South Jersey. “As parents, we always want to see our children smile. But what if our children’s beautiful smiles were to fall dull?”

Did you know about 20% of the children between ages 5–11 have at least one untreated decayed tooth? Moreover, according to a report published by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, 45.8% of the youth have treated or untreated cavities.

Dental cavities are one of the most common oral diseases in children. Not only do they cause pain and infections but also hinder your child’s learning, eating and playing habits. The good news is they can be prevented!

Here’s what you can do to make sure your baby’s pearly whites stay sparkling. Check out recommendations from the children dentist in South Jersey.



Recommendations from your children dentist in South Jersey


Start Caring Right Away!

Parents should start cleaning their infants’ mouths even before their teeth start coming in. You can use soft dental wipes or a warm wet washcloth to clean up excess food after feeding.

Introduce a Toothbrush

As soon as your child’s teeth start coming in, get them a soft-bristled toothbrush. Baby teeth preserve the gum space for permanent teeth, so they’re just as important. To make sure they’re taken care of properly, help your child brush, spit and rinse.

Control Sugar Intake

Your child’s diet is essential in determining their oral health. Eating a lot of sugar can lead to cavities. Limit of the amount of sweets and soft drinks your child consumes. Ensure that they brush their teeth after eating something sweet.

The Proper Technique

The ADA recommends brushing at a 45 degree angle by gently moving the brush back and forth in short strokes. Teach your kids the right way to brush their teeth to prevent oral health issues.

Don’t Shy Away From Fluoride

Fluoride is important for young children as it strengthens the tooth enamel. Make sure your child above 6 years, is using a Fluoride tooth paste. For children younger than 2, CDC recommends not to use fluoride toothpaste unless your dentist tells you to.

Don’t Shy Away From Fluoride


Alongside brushing, flossing once a day is important for good oral health. It ensures that any residual pieces of food are gotten rid of and not left to decay.

Mouth Safety

If your child plays a physical sport, make sure they wear a mouth guard. This’ll protect them from getting their teeth damaged in case of an injury.

Watch Out For Cavities

You should always be on a look out for cavities. Avoid actions that can cause the growth of bacteria, such as putting your baby to bed with a bottle in their mouth.

Set Up a Routine

Having a scheduled brushing time will develop the habit in your children. Set up a routine to brush and floss before bed and in the morning. Join them in while brushing and turn it into a fun family activity that your children look forward to!


Visit a children dentist in South Jersey Regularly

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends visiting a dentist before your child’s 1st birthday. Getting a dental exam early prevents oral issues in the future.


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