3 Habits That May Be Giving You Dental Stains And What To Do About Them

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Has your smile been looking a little dull these days? Do you see your teeth getting more stain-y as the days pass? Maybe you need to take a look at your habits. Sometimes we do things without really thinking or worrying about the consequences. For example, not following proper dental care and hygiene.

As the first rule of dental care; prevention is always better than cure. So, the best way to keep your smile in check is to avoid the following habits that might be giving you dental stains.

Excessive Coffee And Red Wine

There are dark pigments in coffee called chromogens that leave dark, ugly stains on teeth by sticking to the enamel if you don’t rinse your mouth well after drinking it. Similarly, other colored beverages like red wine and black tea also contribute to dental staining because of tannins and colorants.

Drinking Acidic Beverages

Some acids found in food and certain types of wine can soften the tooth enamel, making it a lot more prone to ugly yellow stains even from other food items. These items can also include other carbonated soft drinks and food items.

A good idea to prevent your teeth from staining if you drink a lot of acidic drinks, is to follow proper dental hygiene and rinse your mouth after consumption.

Dental Stains

Improper Brushing Habits

Compromised dental hygiene and improper brushing habits can take a toll on the appearance of your teeth, leaving brownish-yellow stains and making them look unsightly.

Not brushing your teeth properly leads to dental plaque to form on the surface of your teeth. To avoid plaque, make sure you brush at least twice a day using a high quality fluoride tooth paste, and following up with flossing.

Treatment Options For Stain-y Teeth

There are many popular treatment options for dental stains including teeth whitening and dental veneers being the most popular ones.

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