4 Ways Clean Teeth Can Boost Your Confidence

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According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of individuals believe that a bright smile is a sign of confidence.

However, teeth whitening and better oral hygiene can fix your smile. The path to body acceptance can be difficult but you can take constructive measures to get there.

More than 70% of adults are insecure about their smiles in public. Physical insecurities don’t disappear instantly but taking care of your hygiene and being consistent can result in favorable outcomes.

Despite brushing daily, some teeth problems can put a dent in your self-esteem in social gatherings, here’s a guide to the importance of clean teeth and how it’s linked to your self-confidence.

A Positive Impression

Most people judge a person by their physical features when they meet for the first time. A bright smile plays a key role in setting the tone of the meeting. Your teeth will be on full display throughout the encounter.

With white and shiny teeth, you won’t hesitate to smile widely which will act as a confidence booster. Not only does a wide smile have the potential to set a positive impression but the compliments you receive on your smile can uplift your mood as well.

Younger Appearance

Tea-stained and yellow teeth are often considered as signs of aging. However, if you have dingy-looking teeth at a young age, you may have self-esteem issues.

White teeth can make you appear younger. In addition to that, a bright smile represents good health and oral hygiene.


A Friendly Nature

You look more approachable when you have a bright radiant smile, people perceive you as a friendly person at the workplace or any other social gathering.

Since people have already formed a positive impression of you, it’s easier for you to build connections. Your chances to succeed become higher, especially if your work is related to customer service.

The more warmly you approach the client, the more inclined they’d be towards your business. However, if you have unattractive teeth, it will lower your confidence because you’ll shy away from starting the conversation.

Happy Outlook

At times, a happy moment becomes a source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can act as a happiness booster. Research states that when you smile, your brain discharges neuropeptides that act as stress relievers.

In addition to this, other neurotransmitters like dopamine and endorphins come into action as well. They act as anti-depressants. A study found that smiling can reduce heart rate during anxious episodes.

During your off days, you can even fake a smile and instantly feel better. Being able to smile with confidence can act as your source of happiness.

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