4 Ways Sedation Can Improve Your Next Dental Visit

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Some people choose to live with dental issues, enduring the pain and discomfort caused by it, rather than going to the dentist and getting it treated. Why? It’s because just the thought of a dental visit is nerve-wracking for them and makes them extremely anxious.

A study published in the Dental Research Journal states that 80% of all Americans suffer from anxiety about dental procedures. Among them, 5% to 14% of people experience an intense fear of the dentists.

This causes dental issues that can be treated easily in the early stages tend to become more complicated dental conditions.

But thanks to developments in sedation dentistry, you no longer have to put off your dental visits because you’re nervous! Sedation dentistry has made it possible for you to get a dental examination and be at complete ease.

Types of Sedations

There are three common types of sedation used by dentists to make their patients comfortable before a dental procedure.

Inhalation Sedation – The most common type of sedation used in dentistry is the nitrous oxide, also known as the laughing gas. Patients start feeling calm after a few minutes of breathing in the gas.

Oral Sedation – The dentist prescribes a pill which the patient has to take at least an hour before the procedure. Oral sedation is also called ‘conscious sedation’ as the patient is awake during the treatment.

IV Sedation – This puts the patient in a twilight sleep while the dentist carries out the treatment. The patient won’t remember any of the procedure when they wake up.

Types of Sedations

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Here are some ways sedation can improve your dental visit.

1. Reduces Gag Reflex

The gag reflex gets triggered because of a number of physiological and psychological reasons, but with sedation your mind and body will be at complete ease.

2. Calm Nerves

Sedation helps patients overcome fear and calm their nerves. The best part is that you won’t remember any details about the procedure. So you won’t hesitate to go for a follow-up visit either.

3. Saves Time and Money

It takes a dentist longer to work on a procedure when the patient is anxious and uncomfortable in the chair. This can often lead to more number of visits than needed for the treatment. But when you’re relaxed with the help of sedation, the dentist can work faster and more efficiently.

4. Tailored To Your Needs

Different types of sedation are used for each patient. After evaluating your condition and medical history in detail, your dentist will administer the one that’s most suited for your condition and treatment.

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