5 Major Signs of Gum Disease That You Shouldn’t Ignore

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People often ignore some signs of unhealthy gums or teeth because they think if they brush their teeth daily, there’s no need to consult a dentist. If you think similarly, you might be in for a shock.

Your 6-month dental checkup is for preventing and maintaining your oral health. It’s essential for us to maintain our oral hygiene because it can help prevent severe problems that can lead to tooth loss.

Read on to know about the signs that indicate that you might have gum diseases.

1- Pain in Gums:

Pain is always a significant symptom. Therefore, if you feel any discomfort in your gums, it may be a sign that you have developed gum disease.

Suppose you’re eating and while chewing, you feel some pain, regardless of how slight or intense, chances are that you might have a gum infection. Ignoring this sign and delaying your condition may worsen it.

Your dentist will address the discomfort and treat your condition accordingly. It can happen for more than one reason, such as sinus problems, toothache, or gum disease; your dentist will guide you better about your situation and its solution.

2- Teeth Sensitivity

Sensitivity in teeth is very uncomfortable and is another significant sign of your gums not being as healthy as you think. Eating something too warm or cold can trigger sensitivity.

However, if the intensity of the pain is unbearable, chances are high you may have a severe gum infection.

You have to avoid too cold or warm drinks and food for a while and book an appointment with your general dentist soon.

3- Red & Swollen Gums

Red & swollen gums are hard to spot, as it’s not accompanied by intense pain. For this reason, dentists recommend a regularly scheduled visit to maintain your dental hygiene and prevent any dental cavities and gum illnesses.

Having swollen or red gums can be a serious condition. If left untreated, it may turn into periodontitis, a severe oral infection that can lead to tooth loss.

4- Bad Breath

You can have sparkling teeth and still have bad breath.

Bad breath can result from gum or bacterial infections, poor dental hygiene, dry mouth or, medication. Having bad breath is a sign that you need to consult the best dentist in your area as soon as possible.

5- Bleeding Gums


Bleeding gums indicate that there might be an underlying infection. Having bleeding gums is your body’s signal to schedule a visit to the dentist and seek dental treatment.

After recognizing signs of having unhealthy gums or teeth, it’s necessary to look for a professional general dentist NJ who can make your gums healthy. Rapha Dental LLC provides affordable dentistry procedures and also specializes in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening NJ.

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