5 Tips to Calm Your Child’s Pre-appointment Anxiety

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Cosmetic Dentistry in South Jersey

Is your child experiencing tooth pain but is unwilling to go to the dentist? Prevalence of dental anxiety is turning into an increasingly common health concern in pediatric dentistry.

According to a study published in Behavior Research and Therapy, majority of children aged between 7 and 14 years of age go through pre-appointment anxiety when consulting a new clinic for dental treatment. The study also concluded that conditioning of children was one of the chief contributors of their dental anxiety. As the behavior of parent’s has the ability to influence children, you can adopt certain ways to minimize your little one’s fear of the dental chair.

Soothe your child’s pre-visit anxiety by following these guidelines from your Cosmetic Dentistry in South Jersey:


Keep them informed:

Lack of predictability can induce anxiety in both children and adults alike. Keeping dental appointments a secret until the very last minute does not allow children to prepare themselves mentally, which instills an unshakeable sense of fear and discomfort. Communicate with your children before the visit. Letting your child express their fear and questions regarding the visit will also help manage their anxiety.


Discuss the process:

Your child is more likely to have a positive dental experience if they know what to expect during their dental treatment. Discuss the steps of the process beforehand and answer any questions that your child may have regarding the process to clear misconceptions and soothe anxiety.


Reinforce positivity:

When talking about dental visits, choose your words carefully. Avoid including terms that indicate pain or distress, such as shot, hurt, or needles. Instead, focus on positive aspects of the visit. Verbal acknowledgement and motivation during the process could also prove to be a useful incentive for cooperation.


Teach relaxation techniques:

Elevated levels of anxiety can have physical side effects such as shortness of breath and an increased heart rate. Teach your children to employ simple relaxation techniques, such as deep-breathing or progressive muscle relaxation, to counter these issues.



Choose the right dentist: Cosmetic Dentistry in South Jersey

To keep your child’s dental anxiety to a minimum, it’s important to seek out a dentist that understands your child’s oral health needs. A good dentist will try to adopt a different approach when treating each anxious child.

Dental anxiety could be keeping your child from receiving the oral care they need. If you’re looking for a dental practitioner capable of treating pediatric oral health issues in a warm, welcoming and child-friendly environment, visit Dr. Huh at Rapha Dental!

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