6 Root Canal Myths: Busted

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Most dental procedures are intimidating, and root canal treatment tops the list for most people. And we understand why. It can be scary to have someone drilling in your mouth if you don’t know what’s happening.

However, as dental health and medicine experts, we want to address some common root canal myths that deter patients from getting this treatment. Read this article to know what root canal treatments truly entail and how all prevailing conceptions about RCT are entirely false.

Root Canals Hurt

No, they don’t. It is the damaged pulp that your dentist is removing during the treatment that hurts. And while this belief was true decades ago, modern medicine, technology, and anesthesia have made root canal pain comparable to a tooth filling procedure.

Crowning Can Lead to Root Canal Treatment

Dental crowns do not necessarily create the need for root canal therapy. And in reality, if you follow good oral hygiene, it’s highly unlikely that a crowned tooth will get infected in the long-term. However, in some cases, crowned teeth do end up needing root canal therapy. But that’s not because of the crown. It’s because the decay has spread underneath the crown and into your pulp.

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Root Canal Therapy Requires Lots of Dentist Visits

With the modern technology used in our day and age, root canal treatment can be completed in less than three dentist visits.

The Tooth Eventually Has to Be Removed

It is never a given that your root canal tooth will be removed. If the procedure is completed successfully and you maintain good oral hygiene with regular dentist visits, your natural tooth can last your whole life.

Root Canal Treatment Causes Illness

There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. It emerged from a poorly designed study conducted over a century ago, which has been debunked by modern medicine’s findings. So no, you don’t need to worry about compromising your health when you go to your next dentist’s appointment.

It’s Better to Pull The Tooth

It is not! Keeping your natural teeth is always the best idea, no matter what. No artificial implant can work as well as your natural tooth, and they require much more treatment and maintenance than your natural tooth. Root canal serves to save your teeth, and you should always opt for treating the damage rather than having it removed.

If you’re still unsure about getting a root canal NJ for your damaged tooth, book an appointment with us to have your queries answered and fears satiated. At Rapha Dental LLC, we have a team of experienced doctors and staff to help you through your dental journey.