Common Dental Hygiene Myths

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The internet is full of dental advice and tips regarding good oral hygiene. However, not everything we read on the internet is scientifically correct. How many times have you heard someone say, ‘drinking soda isn’t bad for your teeth, or sugar makes your teeth rot?’ Our dentists at Rapha Dental LLC would like to share the truth of some of these common dental hygiene myths that you might have heard from those around you regularly.

Sugar Causes Cavities

Cavities aren’t caused only by sugar, even though it’s a contributing factor in cavity formation. Sugar itself doesn’t cause cavities; however, it’s the bacteria that eat sugar. Chocolates, sweets, and sticky foods stick to the teeth and can only be removed with proper brushing. However, you don’t keep brushing your teeth all the time now, do you?

At times we eat these foods which aren’t tooth-friendly and then forget to brush our teeth, which attracts the cavity-causing bacteria to thrive on and around our teeth. The bacteria, in turn, produces certain types of mouth acids that cause tooth decay.

Brushing Your Teeth Harder is Good

A mother and her kid brushing teeth together

Brushing your teeth harder is traumatizing for your teeth. It not only causes tooth enamel to erode, but it also leads to swollen or bleeding gums. If you continue brushing your teeth this way, it might cause gum recession. It’s more than enough to brush your teeth gently using a soft bristle brush for two minutes.

Bleeding Gums are Normal

Inflammation in the gums causes them to bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. There are quite a few reasons why gums bleed, such as excessive plaque buildup, gingivitis, and various gum diseases. Bleeding gums aren’t normal. If you notice that your gums turn bloody when brushing, then get in touch with your general dentist straight away.

Flossing Creates Spaces between Teeth

Dentists recommend regularly flossing your teeth to prevent cavities from forming in-between the teeth. Flossing doesn’t create spaces in between the teeth. It helps you remove the food stuck between your teeth and in the middle of the gums and the teeth. This, in turn, removes the harmful bacteria from your mouth.

Initially, when you start flossing, you might notice minor bleeding. That’s nothing to be concerned about, as it will go away on its own once your teeth and gum get used to regular flossing. However, if the bleeding problem persists, you should immediately schedule an appointment with your family and best cosmetic dentist nj. At Rapha Dental LLC, we can schedule a regular checkup with our dentist to determine the reason for bleeding and plan a treatment for you accordingly.

Schedule a Regular Checkup

Take charge of your oral hygiene. Schedule an appointment with our dentist at Rapha Dental LLC to fight against tooth decay, gum diseases, and other dentistry threats. Get in touch with one of our dentists about your oral health, or schedule an examination by booking an appointment now.