Common Dental Problems in Pediatric Dentistry

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Parents do their best when it comes to their child’s oral and dental health. They make sure they’re brushing their teeth twice a day and not consuming too much sugar, among many other things. But despite the care they take, many children still face dental problems.

If you’re a concerned parent, our pediatric dentists are here to educate you about the most common dental problems that parents bring in their children for:

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a very preventable dental problem. Children develop cavities because of the bacteria that live in their mouth. These bacteria feed on carbohydrate-rich foods like cookies, cakes, candies, fast food, crisps, etc. that are left behind in the mouth.

Over time, a film of sugar and bacteria is formed, which is called plaque. This will then harden to form the much more permanent tartar. The bacteria in these buildups secrete acids that attack the teeth and corrode them, causing cavities, tooth sensitivity, and tooth decay.



Teeth sensitivity refers to the sharp sensation we feel when something hot or cold touches our teeth. It occurs when the enamel—the layer that protects our teeth—wears out or when our gums recede. According to WebMD, kids develop sensitivity because they brush their teeth too roughly, consume fizzy drinks that contain citric and phosphoric acid, consume fruit drinks, have too much starch in their diet, and even due to a dry mouth.

Dentists recommend toothpastes that are specifically made to treat sensitivity. These toothpastes fill in the cracks and gaps in the enamel to provide relief from sensitivity.

Bad breath

Another common complaint that parents have is their kids developing bad breath. There are several reasons for this. If your kid isn’t brushing their teeth correctly twice a day, the bacterial buildup in the mouth can cause bad breath. Gum disease is another reason for bad breath, and if left untreated, it can lead to infections, tooth loss, and bone loss. Even having a dry mouth can cause bad breath. People experience a dry mouth because of a poor diet or a side effect of medications.

Whatever the case, the underlying reason for bad breath needs to be diagnosed and treated for the odor to subside.

Tooth misalignment

Tooth misalignment

Malocclusion is the medical term for misaligned teeth. It can be inherited from a person’s parents or develop due to thumb sucking, or even on its own. Orthodontic treatment is required to correct misaligned teeth, whether it’s braces or alternatives like Invisalign. Depending on the case, braces can be needed from anywhere between 1 and 3 years.

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