Dental Implant Surgery: Things to Avoid Immediately After Treatment

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If you’ve planned to go for dental implants to replace missing or damaged teeth, you’ve made a great decision! Dental implants are way more effective as compared to other teeth replacement options. They are designed to look as natural as possible. Dental implants don’t just give you your beautiful smile back; they also boost your self-esteem and confidence

However, if you’re opting for it, you need to keep some things in mind for the best outcome. In this blog, we’ve rounded up a list of things that you must avoid after your dental implant surgery.

Don’t Eat for Two Hours After Surgery

It’s better to avoid eating soft foods for at least two hours after your dental implant procedure. For the first few days, eat only soft foods or have fluids that don’t require much chewing.

Good foods that you can enjoy after an implant include scrambled eggs, soft pasta, yogurt, mac-and-cheese, soups, oatmeal, sugarless protein shakes, soft breads and applesauce. Chilled beverages and warm chicken or beef broth are also great options. Also, it’s better to avoid beverages that contain sugar, citrus or alcohol.

Limit Your Physical Activities for Some While

Physical Activities for Some While

Lifting heavy objects, and exercising after dental implant surgery can make your gums ache, swell, and bleed excessively. For some days, go on bedrest and allow your gums to settle. Also, don’t stand up too quickly as it may cause temporary light-headedness and dizziness. It’s beneficial to stop exercise and yoga routines for some time since you’re already consuming fewer calories and excessive physical activities may lead to weakness.

Avoid Touching the Surgical Dressing

After receiving a dental implant, you must not touch the surgical site. The dressing quickens the healing process and allows you to eat more comfortably. So, let it stay there and do its work. Don’t touch the surgical site with your tongue or with any other object. This doesn’t mean you should avoid brushing your teeth entirely as bad hygiene might also damage your implants.

Brush your teeth with gentle strokes using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Also, avoid rinsing your mouth too much with water or mouthwash in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Instead, bite on a moist gauze pad and gently apply pressure for at least half an hour and don’t spit. If the bleeding continues after that, contact your dentist.

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