Denture Repair in Burlington

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Denture Rebase and Repairs in Burlington, NJ

Are you looking for Denture Repair in Burlington? Rapha Dental is conveniently located close to Burlington. And you just need to drive toward south on Route 130 and you will reach us in a few minutes!

Did you have bad experience with repairing dentures at other offices? Worry No More. Unlike other dental offices that sends out dentures to far away location to reduce cost, Rapha Dental uses reputable local dental lab located in Cherry Hill.

Local Driver delivers and picks up every day. Sometimes, Doctor drops cases off at dental lab himself on his way home!

You can bring dentures to the lab and wait for a couple of hours if the repair is simple repair.

Check this out to learn more about Denture Repair at Rapha Dental.


Denture Rebase



Rebase is the procedure to replace pink portion of your denture. If your denture teeth are not in bade shape and only the pink portion needs to replaced, this is a good option. Instead of paying for new set of denture, you can just replace the pink portion that’s needed. By doing so, you do not have come to the dental office many times when you have to for a new denture.


Reasons for the rebase procedure may include:

  •   Broken or damaged denture
  •   Weakened or old pink denture base
  •   Replacement of an immediate denture




Denture Reline

Your gum and bone change shapes over time. To make sure your denture is well fitted and function properly, it is necessary to reline them every few years.

  • Hard denture reline — You should hard reline your dentures every two years. This involves removing and replacing a layer of plastic from the interior surface so that it matches the new shape of your gum tissue.
  • Soft denture reline — We recommend Soft denture relines for patients who are unable to wear ordinary dentures due to tender gums or sore spots. Soft denture relines involve replacing the interior lining of your denture with a pliable material. A soft reline will need to be replaced every one to two years.
  • Temporary reline — You will use Temporary relines to help inflammation in your mouth subside so that your gums can return to a more normal state before we replace the denture or provide a soft or hard reline.

Denture Repairs

You can damage dentures by so many reasons. Repairs restore a fractured or a damaged denture very close to its original condition.

If it is  simple repair, lab technician may be able to repair denture the same day, if you come early in the morning.

Dr. Huh will examine your denture and advise you of the condition of denture and will recommend steps necessary to repair your denture and prevent further breakage.



Do Your Dentures Need to be Repaired?

Rapha Dental is family and cosmetic dentist located near Burlington, NJ. We are only 20 minutes away from you.

With the use of local and reputable dental lab, we can repair denture effectively and quickly.

Do you need Denture Repair in Burlington? Contact us Today or Call us at 856-829-8668!