Facts about Teeth Whitening You Should Know

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A brighter smile is something that we all want. One of the most common cosmetic dental procedures nowadays is teeth whitening. It’s used to make your teeth appear healthier and whiter by lightening them. Hydrogen peroxide is the principal component in teeth-whitening products (H2O2).

It is one of the world’s most common cosmetic procedures, with over $1 billion spent on teeth whitening products each year. By 2024, the global market for teeth whitening products is estimated to reach USD 7.40 billion.

Here are some facts about teeth whitening you should know.

Your teeth absorb everything they come into contact with.

Similar to your skin, teeth also have pores. Anything colored that you put in your mouth absorbs into those pores. Alcohol, caffeine, dark fruits, and smoking are all known for causing tooth discoloration. These stains gradually darken the natural tone of your teeth.

Teeth whitening gel that is properly formulated absorbs into the teeth and pulls stains out of the pores.

Teeth’s whitening is completely safe

Abuse of any type, like excessive cleaning of your teeth, may be harmful. Professional teeth whitening, on the other hand, is extremely safe when used as recommended. Active chemicals are used in the whitening procedure to temporarily open pores in your teeth and remove stains. Your teeth will naturally revitalize after each whitening treatment.

It’s normal to experience sensitivity after teeth whitening.

1 out of every 8 people in the United States has sensitive teeth. Heredity issues, weak enamel, or broken teeth are the most common causes. It is completely natural for sensitivity to develop during the whitening procedure.

The teeth become dry for a short period, reducing their capacity to protect the nerve from temperature variations. After whitening, the sensitivity will fade in 12 to 36 hours. A post-whitening fluoride treatment is recommended by dentists and specialists to strengthen the teeth and improve hydration.

The whitening procedure might take several days.

There is no product on the market that can whiten your teeth in a matter of minutes or hours. Any whitening product cannot safely penetrate deep enough into the teeth at that pace due to chemical limitations.

The fact is that teeth whitening might take anything from 4 days to many months. Customers with serious discoloration should stay calm and understand that each whitening session will eliminate years of discoloration.

It is impossible to whiten crowns and veneers.

Artificial crowns and veneers are made to match the color of your natural teeth when they are placed. The tone of the material is created accordingly and cannot be changed. Whitening your teeth will not affect your crowns and veneers.

Teeth aren’t always flawlessly white.

The natural color of human teeth varies from person to person, regardless of stains. A whitening product can only eliminate the stains that have built up over time. It won’t make your teeth whiter than they naturally were.


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