Finding Love: How Your Teeth Affect Your Relationships

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“Till death do us part…unless you don’t have good oral hygiene from the start.”

This is your first meeting. Your friends set you up for a blind date. And it’s already going great. They’re absolutely perfect. Their hair, eyes, sense of humor, and style all scream perfection.

Lets find out How Your Teeth Affect Your Relationships.

You can’t believe your eyes but you think you’ve hit the jackpot!

That is…until you crack a joke and they start laughing.

You’re greeted by yellow, stained, and chipped teeth with a gap in between. You’re shocked. And here you’d already planned out your future dates together.

As soon as the date is over, you hurry back home to recover from the nightmare.

And that’s how your dream date turned into a disaster!


How Oral Hygiene Affects Relationships

It goes without saying that how we dress and present ourselves has an impact on our relationships. Here’s how:


It Changes People’s Perception

If someone fails to maintain their pearly whites and take care of their oral hygiene, it can change the perception people have of them.It Changes People’s Perception

People might start believing that, that person is irresponsible and do not care about themselves.


It Will Impact Your Self-Confidence

Sometimes, bad oral hygiene impacts your relationship with yourself. It can affect your self-confidence when others around you start avoiding you. When you’re unable to smile properly, people might start perceiving you as someone who’s aloof and distant.

And at times, it can also lead to harassment and bullying, which can be traumatizing.


It Affects Your Dating and Sex Life

It’s not just your teeth’s visual appearance that can impact your dating life. Poor oral hygiene also leads to bad breath, which can ruin the experience of dating someone.

It can also interfere with sexual intimacy. In addition, a person with poor oral hygiene will always feel embarrassed, inadequate, unattractive, and will often get defensive.


What Can You Do About It?

It’s understandable that you feel self-conscious, lost and confused. But remember that it’s never too late to make changes to improve your oral hygiene. Want to find out How Your Teeth Affect Your Relationships?

The first step you should take is consulting a dentist. A General dentist in Cinnaminson NJ can help you identify the root cause of all the problems you’re facing with oral hygiene.

They will then provide you with an effective treatment plan to tackle all the problems one by one.

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