Foods To Avoid When You Have Braces

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Whether you have an overbite, or spacing issues between your teeth, opting for braces can help you deal with all sorts of problems caused by misaligned teeth.

However, if you want optimal results, you must maintain your braces and avoid certain foods that may damage them.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about some foods you should avoid if you have braces.

Candy Bars

We know that a delicious candy bar is practically irresistible. However, if you have braces, you must fight the urge to satisfy your sugar cravings with a candy bar.

Stay away from all sorts of candies, especially those that are too sticky or too hard and contain things like nuts and caramel. Sticky substances like caramel can stick to your teeth and braces and can be hard to remove, and if you can’t remove it, it may also lead to cavities and tooth decay.


Popcorn is the last food you should have when you have braces. Although the popped white part is soft, the hard kernels can be difficult to chew and can damage the wires or the brackets of the braces. Apart from popcorns, other crunchy foods such as nuts, corn chips, and pretzels can also harm the braces and loosen the bands.

These foods can get stuck in your braces and make them uncomfortable.

Broken and damaged wires and brackets will keep the braces from noticeable results.



Chewy And Tough Meat

Tough meat like pork, poultry, and beef can be hard to bite and chew when you have braces. Apart from meat, some other chewy foods such as bagels or pizza crust should also be avoided if you have braces.

Foods That Need You To Use Front Teeth

Foods like ribs, corn on the cob, whole fruits like pears, and apples, require one to use their front teeth to eat. However, you must stay clear of them when you have braces, as they will put pressure on the braces and cause the wires to bend or break.

Even if you don’t break the wires, it’ll be a nuisance to floss and brush your teeth if they get stuck in your braces.

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