Fun and Healthy Ways to Teach Your Kids about Oral Hygiene

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“I’m so excited to learn about my dental health,” said no child ever!

But as a parent who wants what’s best for their bundle of joy, you want to at least get them interested in the topic so they don’t end up with cavities later on in life.

It’s already concerning that about 1 in 5 children between the ages of 5–11 have at least one decayed tooth. 20 years down the line, this decayed tooth may even lead to worse dental problems!

But at this time, how do you make dental care exciting?

We have a few tips and tricks that’ll help you along the way!

1. Get Them into the Habit of Drinking Water

Aside from keeping them hydrated, teaching your kids to have water as their go-to beverage will keep their teeth protected, since the natural fluoride in water will wash away bacteria that cause cavities.

2. Give Them Tooth-Friendly Food

Kids are picky eaters. But one way you can bypass this picky trait is by having them help in the food-making process. Take them grocery shopping and let them choose different fruits and vegetables. Make your recipes exciting by adding cheese, nuts, and lean meat so they know it’s not all boring veggies!

If you want your kids to have better eating habits when they’re older, substituting cookies and chips for healthier snacks will show them they don’t need to depend on empty calories and junk food to quench their hunger!

3. Take them Shopping for Their First Toothbrush

3.Take them Shopping for Their First Toothbrush

Despite being not more than 4–5 years old, your child still thinks they’re old enough to rule the world. Help them out on their journey toward world domination by giving them the opportunity to make a big decision; buying their first toothbrush!

Show them different options, like regular toothbrushes, different bristle options, or a hi-fi electric toothbrush. This’ll allow them to understand that they’re a big kid now!

4. Show Them the Right Way

Teaching your children the right way of brushing their teeth is not a one-and-done deal! Make it a part of your routine to show them how you brush your teeth so they can mimic you. Make it a competition, “who can brush their teeth properly like their mom or dad”. This’ll add a fun element to an otherwise simple 2–minute task.

Bring them to a Dentist!

Bring them to a Dentist!

Dental anxiety and fear can develop in the earlier stages of one’s life. By taking your child to a reliable dentist in Cinnaminson today, you’ll be making sure that they don’t develop any fear about going to a dental appointment in future.

Rapha Dental in Cinnaminson is a leading general dentistry in New Jersey that welcomes children and adults alike. To book your child’s first appointment, contact us today. Introduce your child to a world of proper dental hygiene by visiting a pediatrics specialist Cinnaminson NJ!