How to Maximize Your Guardian Dental Insurance Benefit

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Dental insurance companies often use jargon to confuse members. While it can be difficult to understand dental terms, we still recommend you read the fine print to determine what’s fully covered in the dental coverage. When confused by technical language, feel free to contact your provider to stay informed. You can maximize the benefits of your dental insurance by knowing what’s covered and what’s not. In this article, we’ll discuss ways you can maximize your Guardian dental insurance.

Take Advantage of Free Dental Checkups

Cosmetic dentistry, root canals and other complex dental treatment can be really expensive. While you may be able to save money by having dental coverage, the best way to avoid paying for treatment is to take advantage of free dental checkups.

Guardian dental insurance offers free dental checkups to members. During the appointment, the dentist will thoroughly inspect your teeth to determine if there might be problems that need to be addressed. He can also advise you on how to take better care of your teeth.

You can avoid costly treatment with preventive care and the good thing is that this is actually covered by your Guardian dental insurance. For a free dental checkup, please get in touch with Rapha Dental today.

See the Expiration Date

Insurance companies usually allot a maximum amount of money you can use each year. If you have Guardian dental insurance, make sure you know when your policy expires. As much as possible, schedule any treatment or procedures before the expiration date to ensure you get to fully take advantage of your dental coverage.

Get a List of Dentist Near You

In addition to reading your dental coverage entirely, make sure you know which dentist to visit for a dental procedure. You can use Guardian’s Find a Dentist Near You page to see a list of dentists offered by Guardian. The tool is easy to use. You simply have to enter the information required such as the zip code and the distance.

Choose the Right Plan

One of the best ways to maximize your dental insurance is to choose the right plan. If you’re getting dental insurance for yourself or your family, we recommend getting comprehensive coverage to get the most benefits. This can be a little expensive but you get to also save more money down the road.

Contact Rapha Dental Today

Are you looking for a “Guardian dentist near me”? If you’re in South Jersey, please don’t hesitate to visit Rapha Dental. All Guardian members are welcome. We offer cosmetic dentistry services, extractions, root canals, restorative dentistry, Invisalign and pediatric dentistry. Feel free to visit our location or contact us via email or phone to book an appointment.