Why do Different Dentists Recommend Different Treatments?

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If you go to two dentists for the treatment of the same problem, chances are that they may recommend a different treatment option for it. Have you wondered why is that? Is it because of the incompetency of the dentists or any other factor?

The fact is that there could be many reasons why dentists differ in their treatment plans for the same dental issue. We will discuss some of these factors in this blog. So, continue reading to learn more. 


Reason 1: Difference in Experience

Differences in the experience of dentists can play a huge role in how they prepare a treatment plan for a patient. For example, a specialist dentist may have a different treatment plan than a novice dentist. But it does not necessarily mean that one of them is wrong; it simply means that a dentist with more experience may consider a simpler treatment option than a newly graduated one. 


Reason 2 The Cost Factor 

Many times, dentists modify their treatment plan based on the patient’s financial constraints or whether they are covered by insurance. So, one dentist may recommend the most ideal treatment option that may cost more. On the other hand, another may suggest a treatment that is still effective but costs less. For example, a damaged tooth can be restored with a composite filling, an amalgam restoration, or a porcelain veneer. So, the affordability of the patient can also result in a difference of opinion among dentists regarding treatment plans. 


Reason 3: Difference of Professional Opinions  

Sometimes, differences in professional opinion can also result in differences in treatment plans among dentists. For example, a dentist may suggest composite bonding for restoring a damaged tooth thinking that a filling would be enough. However, another dentist may consider that since the tooth is grossly damaged, they may consider placing a porcelain crown over the tooth after the filling. 

It is not uncommon to come across dentists having different treatment plans for the same problem. However, in most cases, the difference of opinion is very minor. Only in  few cases, there is a huge difference that may occur due to professional incompetence or greed. 



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But that does not mean that not all dentists in South Jersey are dishonest or greedy. If you compare the treatment plans of the honest dentist in South Jersey, you will find minor variations in their diagnosis and the treatment they have suggested. 

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