How Long Does It Take to Make Dentures?

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Do you live in South Jersey and researching Affordable Dentures South Jersey?

Then, you should check this Article!  Based on the questions we received from our patients for past 5 years, we wrote this article to provide information regarding Dentures.

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What kinds of dentures are out there?


Full Denture


For full denture, the traditional acrylic type is still the best choice. Several years ago, new thermoplastic material came out, which is much stronger material, so your denture can be very durable.


But the thermoplastic material has no chemical adhesion like the acrylic material does. So repairing denture is the problem.



Denture tooth can come off from the denture or base can be broken sometimes.

And no chemical adhesion ability of thermoplastic material makes denture repair very difficult or not possible.


Repairing is no problem with acrylic material. As a result, we still use acrylic material for complete dentures.



Partial Denture


Flipper Partial Denture


Flipper is used when you are missing one tooth.

It is a temporary types of partial denture.







Acrylic Partial Denture


It is uncomfortable and thick.

We recommend this for those who do not have strong teeth to hold Partial Dentures.

It relies on your soft tissue and easy to add teeth as needed.

This is also the cheapest if you are looking for the most Affordable Dentures South Jersey.






Metal Frame Partial Denture



It has been most common type of Partial Denture.

Thanks to it’s metal frame, it is durable and strong.


Also, some people do not like the metal showing or allergic to metal.


Some of the clasps (arms) can be replaced with pink material as needed but you will loose the ability to adjust it as needed.






Fiber Metal Frame Partial Denture



This is new type of Partial Denture.

Metal frame can be replaced with fiber material for those who do not like metal showing through.

It is also called “Paragon Partial Denture.”


Valplast (flexible Partial Denture)



It has been very popular. However, there are problems associated with it.


First, it’s flexible and it moves when you chew if you do not have back anchor teeth.

Secondly, it is too tight around the gum and causes gum pain in some cases.

Thirdly, it is very hard to repair when the repair is needed. Sometimes, it’s not possible to repair it back to its original condition.


Combination Flexible Partial



Combination Flexi Partial has flexible partial denture material for the frame and traditional acrylic material around where the teeth are.

As a result, it is very easy to repair when teeth need to be replaced. Also, It’s very comfortable and looks natural.


The name of this type is called Dura Flex Partial Denture and we use these type the most these days at Rapha Dental.



How long does it take to make dentures?


As a General Dentists South Jersey, we get this questions a lots. There are Traditional 5 steps procedures to make dentures right. Let us explain what those 5 steps are.


  • 1st Appointment (Preliminary Impression)

o On first visit, we take initial molds of your mouth. We will use this to make custom trays. We make this custom trays specifically for you to ensure a great final impression at next step


  • 2nd appointment (Final Impression)

o We will make final molds of your mouth with final impression. The final impression is a more accurate mold of your mouth and will be the mold that is actually used to make the Denture or Partial.


  • 3rd appointment (Records and Registration)

Dentures –  We will use wax rims are to record important information about where the teeth will be placed and how your smile will look

Partials – We will try in the framework of metal part of the Partial and check for proper fit around your natural teeth


  • 4th appointment (Wax Try in)

4th appointment is the appointment that shows the teeth in wax, and how your Denture or Partial will look


  • 5th appointment (Delivery)

5th appointment is the appointment where you will receive your new prosthesis, and a brand-new smile. We will check The Denture or Partial adjust for fit.



NOTE: Additional Appointments

Please keep in mind that it is VERY normal to have to return for additional appointments after you receive your Denture or Partial. You may find after wearing your new prosthesis, you develop “sore spots”. Theses sore spots are common and easily corrected. We want our patients to have the most comfortable fit and additional appointments are a part of this transition. You are not bothering us by calling to make an appointment for an adjustment.



But I saw an Advertisement about Same Day Denture or One Visit Denture


If you are looking for the most Affordable Dentures South Jersey, there are some dental clinics that sell “economic dentures.” They carry variety of pre made dentures in stock. When patient comes in, they pick the best fitting one and reline it back to patient’s mouth. Then, you can have dentures on the same day. Needlessly to say, the fit and quality of dentures are very poor.


Also, some dental labs are advertising “digital dentures” and they say dentures can be made at 2 visits. Even for digital dentures, only those who have existing dentures can have dentures in 2 visits. If you make a new set, it will take 3 ~4 visits.

Rapha Dental also has digital scanner and use it sometimes to make partial dentures. But traditional impression is still better for dentures in many occasions.



How do I take care of denture?


Denture Care Instructions from General Dentists South Jersey


Your denture may require adjustments


You may have to return to our office for one or more follow up appointments soon after receiving your denture for any necessary adjustments. It is normal to need these adjustments to make sure your denture fits as perfect as possible. Never attempt to adjust or repair your denture yourself.


Brush your dentures daily


Just like regular teeth, you need to brush dentures daily to remove food and plaque. However, you do not want to use toothpaste when brushing dentures, since this could create small scratches in the teeth where food could build up. Also, make sure to use a brush specifically created for dentures, or a tooth brush with very soft bristles. In between brushings, rinse dentures between every meal.


Clean with a denture cleaner


You may clean your dentures with hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid, but avoid using household cleaners or toothpastes to clean your dentures because they are too abrasive. Also avoid using bleach to clean your dentures as this may whiten the pink portion of the denture. You may also use brand name cleaners such as Efferdent or Polident tabs to soak your dentures in.


When not wearing, take proper precautions


Never place dentures in hot water, this may warp them. When you are not wearing your dentures, make sure to soak them in cleaning solution or cold water. You should handle your dentures with care. Stand over a folded towel or full sink of water when handling, to ensure that you do not accidentally drop and break them.


Continue routine dental visits


Your dentist will advise you how often you should continue to see them. Even if you have full dentures, please see your dentist on a regular basis to ensure for signs of oral disease such as cancer.



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