How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

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There can be a variety of reasons why a person would need to have his tooth extracted. Some of the most common reasons why a general dentist in Cinnaminson, NJ, would perform tooth extraction could be:

  • To treat periodontal disease,
  • To help impacted teeth,
  • To offer relief of overcrowding,
  • To treat irreparable damage as a result of decay

While this procedure can become mandatory, feeling a tad anxious about it is absolutely normal. But don’t worry, you can prepare for your extraction with some tips outlined below, they’ll help you feel comfortable and confident about the process!

Give your oral surgeon a complete medical history

The surgeon must be aware of every prescription, vitamin, and over-the-counter (OTC) medications you’ve been consuming. These medications could influence the type of anesthetic he’ll use when preparing you for the procedure.

a dentist in Cinnaminson, NJ, prepares her equipment ahead of a treatment

  • Update your doctor regarding general health issues or allergies you may have. Particularly, let your doctor know if you have blood or heart-related problems.
  • Sometimes, local anesthetics can cause reactions with some medicines.

Talk to your dentist

Make an appointment with your oral surgeon or dentist to ensure why you should undergo this procedure. Be informed about its advantages as well as the risks you’re exposing yourself to. Write some questions on a piece of paper and bring them with you during the appointment to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Make sure you have a ride

When you come to consciousness, you may feel pretty out of it. Since your ability to drive can be significantly impaired, having transportation arranged beforehand is crucial.

Get a family member or friend to drive you. If possible, look for someone who can accompany you after your surgery. It’s not recommended to get a ride service post-extraction.

Follow your pre-operation plan

Remember and follow the instructions and guidelines your dentist gave you. The pre-operation plan is specifically designed to mitigate any possible complications that may surface during and post-surgery.

If general anesthesia is a requirement, you’ll have to distance yourself from food and water for some hours prior to the extraction. If you’re a smoker, you’ll have to avoid smoking as well. Whatever the case, ensure that you follow your dentist’s instructions. If you have any queries regarding this pre-operation plan, don’t shy away from asking for clarification before time.

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Our general dentists in Cinnaminson, NJ, are here to ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible and will offer you guidance every step of the way. We encourage you to get in touch with us for any questions regarding tooth extractions or affordable cosmetic dentistry NJ.

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