Implant Dentist in Burlington

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Are you looking for an Implant Dentist in Burlington?

Rapha Dental is Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Burlington, NJ.

We place and restore Dental Implants here. Check it out for more info!


Dental Implant Services in Burlington, NJ

Rapha Dental and our team are happy to offer dental implant services to our growing list of patients.

Enhance the cosmetic and function of your teeth with dental implants. By doing so, you will haver lasting results and a full smile.


Dental Implant Boost your Confidence in your Beautiful Smile!

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Not being happy with your smile can have many adverse effects on person. Most importantly, you can have low self-esteem. However, having a great smile, on the other hand, can open doors to new life! It’s an opportunity to open those doors for you.


Dr. Huh  is passionate about delivering quality dental care and you will always be treated with respect. Dr. Huh has been in dentistry over a decade, aiming to exceed patient’s expectations. You would not believe how great your smile is going to look.




Benefits of Dental Implants

It is not just about the appearances. There are more benefits here.

Dental Implants prevent food and bacteria from being trapped in the mouth. With Dental Implant Treatment, we do not have to alter your other teeth.

Dental Implants also stimulate bone production and preservation. They also prevent neighboring teeth from shifting into the gap.



Computer Guided Technology for minimally-invasive Dental Implant





In the past, dentists placed implants based on 2 dimensional images (dental X rays). It’s a thing for the past. With the 3D CT Scan and computer guided treatment planning, Dr. Huh can place dental implants with computer guided technology.



Dr. Huh will know where you bone and nerves are in advance. He will plan the best place and angle of dental implants as well as the best size of it.



Since Dr. Huh plans everything in advance, there’s no room for an error.









How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental Implant is made of titanium and it should remain intact for a life time. However, they are prone to gum disease. Practicing good dental hygiene is very important to keep them in good shape for a long term. We also recommend you to wear night guard, to protect implant tooth from grinding/clenching at night or during sports.


Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Are you missing single teeth? Or are you missing several teeth? Implants are fused to your jaw bone.

It means that you need to have sufficient jawbone and density for support. Candidates should also have good oral hygiene and healthy gum tissue.

During initial Consultation, Dr. Huh will perform comprehensive oral exam and determine whether you can be a good candidate.

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Rapha Dental is your Implant Dentist in Burlington!