Is Excessive Cleaning Bad For Dental Health?

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We’ve all been told how important it is to brush our teeth before going to bed and after waking up every day. And while some of us ignore this advice, others take it to another level.

PSA: Regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleaning do not mean aggressive cleaning. Going about it this way, in fact, does more damage to your dental health.

People have personal reasons for being particular about their cleaning routine. While some fear bad mouth odor, others are phobic of oral germs. But in either case, it’s inadvisable to take an aggressive approach toward cleaning.

Here’s why you’re putting your teeth at risk by doing so.

Sensitive Teeth

Are your teeth always sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks? If you’ve been to the dentist to get cavities treated and the problem still persists, it’s probably due to excessive brushing.

Intense brushing wears away your tooth enamel, leaving your teeth bare and vulnerable. This is why foods that are not at room temperature cause shooting pains when you consume them.

Enamel Erosion


Your enamel is a protective layer that shields your teeth. Considering the important role it plays, dentists suggest using a toothbrush with soft bristles to not damage it.

It’s important to pay heed to this advice because once lost, tooth enamel can’t be replaced. It can lead to discoloration or even permanent decay. Stained teeth can even hurt your self-esteem in the long-term.

Not to mention, decaying teeth can cause severe pain, as half of the world’s population can attest to. So it’s necessary that you find the right balance between no brushing and aggressive cleaning.

Receding Gums

Even though gum diseases usually fester in unclean conditions, excessive cleaning can also lead to some diseases developing.

That’s why you need to maneuver your brush strokes gently to clean any food bits stuck in your teeth.

Overdoing it not only makes your gums sore and sensitive, but also risks root exposure, which eventually causes the gums to recede.

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