Who Takes Metlife Dental Insurance?

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The best way to find a Metlife dentist in South Jersey is to use the Find a Dentist tool at the Metlife website. You can find a dentist by choosing Your Network and typing in your zip code. You may also enter the name of the dentist or his practice name. After typing in the required information, just click Find to see a list of dentists you can visit in your area.

Metlife staff updates the directory every business day but it’s still recommended to call and contact Metflife to confirm if the dentist is still within your network to avoid problems down the road. For the complete details of what’s included in your coverage, we recommend checking with Metflife as there might be exceptions and other limitations. Don’t forget to also read the fine print to ensure you’re fully aware of what’s covered with your Metlife dental insurance and what other important things you need to know about getting coverage.

Additionally, Metflife doesn’t have control over the business hours listed in the directory. You may want to contact your provider for an update on the business hours. For other concerns regarding your Metlife dental insurance coverage, please contact us today.

Why Get a Metlife Dental Insurance

Metlife is affiliated with thousands of dentists offering a wide range of dental services from extractions to implants and dentures or professional cleanings. For most dental cleanings, you can expect to pay a little to nothing for Metlife can cover 100% of the cost. As a member, you also get to take advantage of the reduced cost for your dental treatment — that’s between 35-50% discount. Getting dental implants or dentures can cost you a lot but you can significantly save money by becoming a Metlife member.

Part of your coverage may also include emergency dental care. You can access emergency care around the clock by visiting a partner dentist. You can find details on emergency dental care by checking your policy or summary plan description. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have further questions.

Can You Get a Coverage for Yourself and Your Family?

Some Metlife members get their insurance at work but we also offer coverage you can purchase for yourself or your family member. You still get to enjoy an extensive provider network, bigger discounts and the flexibility to visit a dentist in or out of your network. Consider getting comprehensive coverage to save more money long-term.

While you can use the Metlife website to find a dentist, we recommend downloading the app. You can use the app to find a dentist in your area, view your policy, see your claim summary or view your ID card. Are you looking for a “Metlife dentist near me”? No need to google this; simply use the Find a Dentist tool to quickly find a dentist available in your area. Contact us if you have specific questions about your policy.