Pediatric Dentistry – Ensure Perfect Teeth for Your Child

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Children get their baby teeth during their first six months. All of these teeth fall out by the time they’re around 7 years of age, after which they grow permanent teeth. If not properly cared for in these early years of development, a child can face a lifetime of dental complications and pain.

Cavities are the most common disease among children in the US. Around 20% of children aged 5–11 have untreated cavities. These dismal stats make the role of dentists in the country all the more important. If regularly visited and consulted, pediatric dentists can ensure perfect oral health for your child.

Pediatric dentists specialize in the oral health of children, from childhood through their teen years. Here’s what you need to know about them.

The Role of Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric dentists go through 4 years of dental school followed by a 2-year residency program. The intensive, hands on nature of their education makes them capable of dealing with any issues related to child dental care. Here are all the different jobs a pediatric dentist does.


Regular visits to the pediatric dentist are necessary. The dentist will inspect your child’s teeth for any developing problems and take the necessary steps. Most oral diseases in the initial stages are treatable with a simple filling and oral health maintenance advice.

Preventive Care

Pediatric dentists also reinforce preventive dental care. Preventive care comes in the form of better nutrition and cleaning/maintenance habits like brushing, flossing and using mouthwash on a daily basis.

 Preventive Care

Habit Counseling

Children can develop unhealthy oral habits like thumb-sucking and pacifier use. Pediatric dentists help children avoid and forgo these habits.


Overeating sweets and an overall unhealthy diet can make children’s teeth highly susceptible to cavities and defects. The dentist can prevent these diseases from spreading with simple procedures like dental cleaning and filling.

Diagnosis of Serious Conditions

Common children’s diseases like heart problems, hay fever, asthma, and ADHD can have effects on a child’s oral health as well. Pediatric dentists help children successfully cope with these problems.

Gum Diseases

Teeth care is not all there is to oral care. Gum diseases are also very common; these require maintenance, preventive care, and diagnosis. You can expect a pediatric dentist to specialize in this field as well.


Children are careless and get injured pretty regularly. If your child has sustained an oral injury because of an accident, you can expect your Cinnaminson NJ pediatrics dentist to take care of it.

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