How to save money on Dental Treatment

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Do you want to know how to save money on Dental Treatment?

Here are a few recommendation from Dr. Huh at Rapha Dental, one of Penn Dentist in South Jersey. As a Penn Dentist, Dr. Huh strives and focuses on preventive dental care, which helps patients to save money on Dental Treatment. Preventive Dentistry is dental care that helps maintain good oral health. Check out this article to find out more!


Get a Regular Dental Cleanings and Check Ups.

We cut elective expenses when budget is tight. However, skipping regular dental cleaning and check up is wrong choice. You can’t remove plaque and tartar deposits 100% yourself without professional cleanings.

Small cavities that can be found and treated with fillings can turn into expensive root canals and crowns if you do not find them soon enough. Without preventive care, you are likely to spend thousands of dollars in dental cost down the road.


Brush Your Teeth Regularly

You may think that vigorous brushing is better to remove food debris and plaque than gentle brush. But the truth is that harsh brushing can cause cavities and gum disease. Enamel is the toughest part of human body, but it can be damaged by forceful brushing. The enamel is outer layer of your tooth, protecting inside. The enamel is consist of carbonated hydroxyapatite crystals that has no living cells. So, your body cannot repair if it it is damaged. So it’s very important to protect it from chips and cracks. Brushing your teeth side to side motion can weaken and break the enamel. Instead, you should position your brush 45 degree angle to the surface of teeth and brush gently in small circles.

You should also brush very carefully around your gum because harsh brushing can irritate or damage  your gum tissue. Rather than rushing through tooth quickly, try to brush slowly tooth by tooth. Focusing on brushing just a few teeth thoroughly at a time and move on to the next area.


Develop Good Dental Health Habits recommended by Penn Dentist in South Jersey

In addition to getting dental check up/cleanings and brushing your teeth, it’s important to have a good dental health habits. A balanced diet containing whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables with limited amounts of fat and processed food is the best way to stay healthy. You also want to keep sugar and acidy foods to a minimum for your dental health. Sugar provides nutrients to oral bacteria that leads to decay. And acids weaken your tooth enamel and cause cavities.

After eating sugary or acidic food, the best thing to do is to rinse your mouth with plain water. If you can’t rinse, chew sugar free gum to help increase saliva to neutralize the acid levels in  your mouth. And also stay hydrated. Dry mouth makes you prone to tooth cavities, as saliva washes away food debris and keep your mouth clean and healthy.


Know Your Dental Insurance

It is  important to  understand your dental insurance correctly. Majority of dental insurance has annual maximum that you can use. Fillings, cleanings, extractions fall under basic category, which is covered more than major categories. Crowns and Dentures usually fall under major category. If you treat your dental problem at early stage, you don’t have to pay a lot.

We explained about dental insurance in this article.

Why Doesn’t My Dental Insurance Pay for This?


Root Canal Alternatives

We find out that many patients are either afraid of or against root canal procedure. Some patients heard that it’s painful, or doesn’t work, or cost too much. Pain is coming from the infection caused by cavities, not from the root canal. When you skip the dental check ups, not only it costs more but also hurts more.

Only alternatives to root canal treatment is removing your tooth by tooth extraction. Pain will be released, but you end up with missing space in your mouth. Missing space in your mouth can cause shifting of other teeth and your bite will collapse over time. If you try to fix collapsed bite, it will cost much more than root canal treatment.


Penn Dentist in South Jersey

If you are looking for a Penn Dentist in South Jersey that focuses on preventive care to save money on dental treatment, call Rapha Dental. Dr. Huh is a graduate of UPenn Dental School and can be reached at 856-829-8668.