Looking for Spanish/Portuguese Speaking Dentist?

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Are you looking for a Spanish speaking dentist near me or Portuguese speaking dentist near me?


We understand that language is a barrier to oral health care for many patients. There are large number of people who feels uncomfortable speaking English in the United States. And it is uncomfortable to communicate at the dental office when there is a language barrier. Some patients even feel afraid to go to the dentist due to the language barrier.

We have discovered that there are large number of patients who speaks Spanish near Cinnaminson area. Our patients also told us that there are many patients who speaks Portuguese in Riverside and surrounding areas.

Rapha Dental provides help for those who need Spanish speaking dentist near me or Portuguese speaking dentist near me.

Please read this article to find out what Rapha Dental offers and what you need to do when you visit us!





When you arrive at Rapha Dental


After you check in, you will be escorted to the consultation room. If you speak Spanish, our Spanish speaking staff will help you with the translation.

If you speak Portuguese or any other language, we have translation service that we can use.

We use Cyracom Interpretation & Translation Services. Doctor will select the language you speak and someone will appear in the I pad and provide translation services virtually.

Look at the photo on the Top, that is our Dr. Huh providing dental care to a patient with Translation Service.

We understand that providing dental care to patients with translation service takes more time.

Please do not worry about us spending more time due to the translation service. We welcome you to Rapha Dental!




Do you speak languages other than Spanish or Portuguese?


Cyracom translation service provides translation services in over 300 languages.

If you speak languages other than those 300 languages, Dr. Huh will even use Google Translator in writing!




Making an Appointment at Rapha Dental


We have a Spanish speaking staff at the front and you can request Spanish speaking person when you call us.

When we are closed, calls are forwarded to answering service and they also have Spanish speaking staffs.

If you feel comfortable texting in English, you can send us text messages to our main number, which is 856-829-8668.

In addition, you can book an appointment online without speaking to anybody!

And it is very helpful to fill out new patient forms in advance at home.

There is Spanish version that you can download and print out as well.



If you are looking for a Spanish speaking dentist near me or Portuguese speaking dentist near me, check us out today!