Ralpha Dental’s 3D CT Scanner: What Is It?

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Many people say regular dental X-rays are not so painful, but they’re plenty uncomfortable. For one, if you’re suffering from some degree of oral pain already, having to hold an uncomfortable foreign device in your mouth can be quite distressing. Not to mention, for some people, the process can even trigger their gag reflex.

Rapha Dental’s 3D CT scan technology, on the other hand, makes the process of obtaining X-ray imaging more comfortable to sit through. It is a non-invasive procedure that requires you to stay put for only a few seconds, and then you’re good to go. 3D CT scans for dentistry are, in fact, among the leading technologies in medical practice today.

How Does It Work?

The technology involves a cone beam CT scanner that uses an X-ray beam that looks like a cone, giving the device its name. The device revolves around your head and uses an X-ray source and a detector to obtain multiple images from several angles.

The scans produced using the technology create accurate visual imagery of the jawbone, teeth, and other structures of your mouth. A 3D CT scanner has a wide variety of applications in dentistry, and Rapha Dental uses it primarily for dental implants. Since each person’s dental anatomy has a different physiological composition, this approach allows us to create a customized experience for you when it comes to dental implant placement.

Benefits of the 3D CT scanner

3D Images

A detailed dental x-ray

3D images feature a lot more details than ordinary 2D images. Besides just depicting your teeth as traditional X-rays do, the 3D CT scanner also shows you your dentition along with surrounding nerves, sinuses, and more structural features. A detailed result such as this helps give us a superior understanding of your anatomy that contributes to a more precise diagnosis.

Radiation Safety

Although traditional X-rays also use a controlled amount of radiation, our 3D CT scanner features an even greater degree of control by allowing us to adjust the radiation level. Depending on the demographic you belong to, we can manage the radiation exposure you receive. There are different settings for children, adults, and older people.

Less Discomfort

If you’ve had a regular dental X-ray before, you know the process can be less than comfortable. Two-dimensional X-ray procedures require placing a firm holder in your mouth while biting down on a bitewing with your teeth. Holding such an arrangement for even a few seconds can quickly spark your pain.

Our 3D scanner, however, uses no devices that go into your mouth, making for a much more convenient experience than traditional X-rays.

For dental implants, book your appointment with us at Rapha Dental in New Jersey. If you’d like, you can opt for our 3D CT scanning technology to make the procedure more comfortable and accurate. We’ve got more service options for various other areas of dental practice like cosmetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry.