Root Canal After Care

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The infection or inflammation in the inner pulp of teeth can be pretty painful. An endodontist may recommend a root canal under these circumstances to save the affected tooth, restore function, and eliminate pain. If you’ve recently had or are about to have a root canal, you’ll probably be interested in knowing how to take care of your teeth while your mouth and gums heal. Following are some tips that can aid in a quick recovery after a root canal.

What is a Root Canal

During a root canal, an endodontist cleans the infection from the affected tooth and fills the root canal with a special filling. However, there is a chance that the affected tooth may become brittle without its pulp. Endodontists usually place a protective crown over the tooth to keep this from happening.

What to Expect After a Root Canal

Even though a root canal is performed to end the pain from tooth decay ultimately, you may feel some temporary tenderness after the procedure. You may also experience a sore jaw from keeping your mouth open during the entire procedure.

Usually, the pain that you experience after a root canal is successfully treated with over-the-shelf medications. However, dentists may prescribe some more robust alternatives in complicated cases.

Avoid chewing from the repaired tooth, especially if you are scheduled for another procedure, like a crown or a filling.

Post Root Canal Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is crucial after a root canal. Make flossing your teeth once every day, brushing them twice daily, and using an antiseptic mouthwash regularly part of your oral care routine.

Your dentist will probably ask you for a follow-up visit after your root canal to ensure no complication during the healing process. Show up for regular dentist checkups after your root canal to maintain good oral health.

Potential Root Canal Complications

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A root canal is relatively a safe and straightforward procedure. The success rate for this procedure is around 97%. However, there are a few potential complications to be aware of.

Suppose the number of roots in your affected tooth exceeds the dentist’s expectation, and one or more of them remains untreated during the procedure. In that case, the infection may prevail in your tooth, and you may still experience the same pain. Make sure to consult your doctor if the pain remains even after a week of your procedure.

In some instances, the sealant or the filling used in the procedure breaks down over time. This creates a way for the bacteria to reach your tooth’s core again. You can avoid this complication by maintaining regular visits with your dentists.

Sometimes dentists may leave a crack in your tooth’s root untreated. Continuous pain for days after the procedure is one of the symptoms of this. Ensure your dentist if you experience any unusual symptoms after your procedure.

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