Sedation Dentistry—Is It Worth It?

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Sedation dentistry was introduced for those who experience extreme anxiety or have a low pain threshold when undergoing a dental procedure. Drugs or general anesthesia is administered to patients to calm them down before a procedure. What they are given depends on how they handle the stress and other factors.

What sedation methods are used?

Some of the best dentist in NJ will use general anesthesia for patients who can’t cope with undergoing a procedure at all. General anesthesia is injected into the bloodstream intravenously.

Pills are another option, and are the most common form of sedation administered by dentists.

Nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) is also used for this form of dentistry but its effects wear off fast. It works well when the dental procedure being done is quick.

Pros of sedation dentistry

Patients remain calm and find it relaxing

Having a dental procedure done is intimidating. The process takes a long time and it can cause some discomfort. Many patients feel their anxiety building during dental procedures, which can also make them avoid or put off dental procedures for as long as possible.

Sedation calms these nerves. In certain cases, these drugs are prescribed before the visit so that the patient is already in a relaxed state.

Sedation dentistry is an excellent alternative for those who have phobias

Sedation dentistry is an excellent alternative for those who have phobias

Phobias involve more than just a fear; they can have a crippling effects on individuals. If a patient has a phobia of needles, the sound of drills, gagging, etc. they might be physically unable to get dental procedures done. Sedation dentistry allows such individuals to get the treatment they need.

 Pain reduction

Sedatives work as painkillers as well, which makes them perfect for dental surgery. Patients won’t feel any pain during the procedure this way. However, not all sedatives have the same properties; some need to be administered in addition to local anesthesia.

Cons of sedation dentistry

Temporary physical impairment

The drugs that are prescribed for sedation dentistry are known to affect reflexes, thoughts, etc. Patients who have had a procedure done under sedation are not allowed to drive to and from the dental clinic. They can also experience slurred speech, dizziness, and confusion. Some patients can find that their faces are numb hours after the surgery coupled with an overwhelming feeling of fatigue.

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