Signs You May Need a Root Canal

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A root canal treatment removes the infected or inflamed pulp from the inside of your tooth. It is an endodontic procedure that cleans the root canal, fills it, and seals the space. This treatment is finalized by placing a crown on your tooth to prevent further damage.

Here are all the signs that you might need a root canal treatment.

1. Severe Pain

Any unpleasant pain in your mouth must be reported to your dentist. If the pain is spontaneous and hits you like a wave, you’ve probably got a dead or decayed tooth that requires root canal treatment.

Another symptom is feeling pressure whenever you bend down or face downwards. If there are certain positions in which your tooth hurts worse, this may be root canal pain.

2. Bumpy or Swollen Gums

Bumps on a gum signify an infected tooth that needs a root canal treatment. These bumps are known as fistulas. Another sign of an infected tooth is swollen gums. Your gums may inflame after brushing or flossing too hard. However, that’s something different. Swollen gums will remain swollen over a few days and will be a little painful and tender to touch.

3. Sensitivity to Cold and Hot Drinks

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If you feel a tingling pain when you sip a hot or a cold drink, and the pain lingers for some time afterward, you probably need a root canal. Sensitivity doesn’t necessarily mean you need a root canal treatment. It’s a sharp pain you feel that signifies the problem.

4. Dark gums

Dark gums are a sign of decay. If your tooth is dead or infected, you will see your gums turning a bluish-purple color. Visit your dentist, and he’ll probably give you a root canal treatment appointment.

5. Cracked Tooth

A chipped/cracked is a clear indication that you need a root canal treatment. If the chipping occurs due to tooth trauma, it will eventually lead to an infected pulp. Chipping can also occur due to a far decayed tooth. In both cases, you need to get a root canal treatment.

6. Tender Gums

If your gums feel tender, you should get a root canal with or without you touching them. The next time you visit your dentist, ensure to mention your tender gums!

7. An Abscess

When you’ve shared your problem with your dentist, they’ll get an x-ray of your tooth. An abscess is a dark spot visible on the x-ray film. It indicates a hole in the jawbone because bones don’t grow around an infected area.

If these signs are familiar to you, you should get an expert’s help to evaluate the problem. If you’re in New Jersey, allow Rapha Dental to help. Our experts offer affordable cosmetic dentistry Cinnaminson NJ that you can benefit from. Make an appointment request today to confirm the schedule with our general dentist NJ.