Start Early—Encouraging Your Child to Eat Healthy From A Young Age

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“Our children’s health and well-being are dependent on our commitment to promoting food access and good eating habits at home, at school, and in the community.”―Rod Blagojevich

Our kids aren’t just a gift from God. They’re our bundles of joy; they’re our pride, happiness, and our world. Without them, we would cease to exist. Life would hold no meaning and it wouldn’t be the same without them.

That’s why we do our best to protect them from harm. As their parents and heroes, there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to see them healthy.

And that’s exactly why it’s so important to encourage healthy eating habits from a young age.

With that in mind, here are a couple of ways you can encourage your child to eat healthier:

Start by Educating Them

One of the worst things you can possibly do is hand your child a chocolate bar when they’re throwing a tantrum. Talk to them calmly and explain to them why candy bars are bad for them.

Instead, offer a healthier option like a granola bar or dark chocolate. If your child does not like dark chocolate because of the bitter taste, give them one that’s 60 percent dark chocolate.

You can even create your own chocolate bars and snacks at home. Educate your child about which foods are healthy and which ones are bad for them.Start by Educating Them

Children listen to logic and reason when you’re patient with them and don’t scold them. If they have fruits they like, encourage them to eat those.

Plan Meals Ahead

We’re all guilty of ordering takeout when we can’t decide what to have for dinner. If the idea of planning meals every day is too daunting, start creating a weekly menu. This’ll not only save you time, but it’ll also discourage them from eating food that’s not home-cooked.

This’ll help you become more organized as well and will encourage the same habit in your kids.

Encourage Family Meals

It’s so easy to sit in front of the TV or laptop and watch Netflix while having dinner. However, encourage family meals to encourage your kids to eat healthier because they’ll see you eating healthy (and being healthy.)

Go For Regular Dental Checkups

Another way to encourage healthy habits in your kids is by taking them for regular dental checkups. A dentist will help you create a healthy oral hygiene plan for your kids.

They can also recommend foods that are great for oral hygiene.

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