Why Do We Have Teeth Sensitivity?

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Why Do Our Teeth Get Sensitive? – Teeth Sensitivity in South Jersey




People with sensitive teeth try to avoid eating cold food or drinking hot beverages. If hot, cold, sweet, acidic foods cause your teeth to be sensitive or painful, then you understand what we’re talking about. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, roughly 40 million U.S. adults experience tooth sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity can come and go over time. Are you looking for a general dentist South Jersey? Please check it out about proper oral health from Rapha Dental, best dentist in South Jersey.


You can experience teeth sensitivity in South Jersey when the enamel, which is supposed to protect our teeth, gets thinner or our gums recede. Then, the underlying surface is exposed and there is not a strong layer of protection over the tooth and root. There are a variety of dental issues that can cause teeth to become sensitive. A common habit that can cause sensitivity is worn tooth enamel. It usually comes from using a hard-bristled toothbrush and brushing much too aggressively. Tooth erosion can also be caused by eating a lot of acidic foods and beverages.


Also, teeth decay can happen when previous fillings erode or if you have broken teeth that expose the dentin of your tooth. Receding gum lines can also cause problems because the root surface of your teeth becomes exposed. If you have the bad habit of grinding your teeth at night, this can cause sensitivity and some people develop a temporary sensitivity right after major dental work such as crowns or tooth bleaching.



Treatment Options

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, the first step is to make an appointment right away and tell them about your tooth sensitivity. Make sure you describe exactly what you are feeling, what types of foods or drinks trigger the pain, and when the pain first began. Once your dentist determines the cause of your sensitivity, treatment may be as easy as filling a cavity or replacing a broken or worn filling. If you have a more serious issue like significant gum loss, you might require a gum graft. If you are experiencing pain, and need immediate relief, you may need emergency dentistry.


There are many over-the-counter type remedies for tooth sensitivity as well, including using a toothpaste specifically for those with tooth sensitivity. Use it each time you brush, and you should notice a difference in as little as two weeks. In severe cases, your dentist might advise rubbing some of the toothpaste directly onto the sensitive area of your teeth.


If toothpaste isn’t enough, your dentist can also use a fluoride gel to strengthen the tooth enamel. This can help to ease the pain as you look to treat the cause of the sensitivity.


General Dentist South Jersey

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Are you having Teeth Sensitivity in South Jersey? Don’t take your dental health for granted and don’t set a bad example for your kids. It might seem like a minor inconvenience now, but if left untreated, you could develop serious issues that could impact your overall health or that of your children. For the best dentist in South Jersey, make your appointment with Rapha Dental today.