The Impact of Bad Dental Hygiene

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Taking care of your gums and teeth is essential. However, not many individuals know how good oral hygiene improves their overall health. Your mouth is the gateway for bacteria to enter your body, traveling to different body parts and risking you for other medical conditions and diseases.

The American Dental Association reported in 2013 that less than 31% of Americans flossed regularly, and 19% didn’t floss at all. Here are some major health problems that can occur due to poor dental hygiene:

Stroke and Heart Diseases

People who suffer from gum infections are more likely to be diagnosed with heart problems. Bacteria and plaque that enter the body through the gums can narrow the arteries, increasing the risksof a heart attack. This bacteria can even clog the blood vessels that send blood to the brain, increasing your chances of a stroke.


Poor dental hygiene can cause you to lose your tooth, potentially leading to memory loss. Some inflammatory bacteria can cause a part of your brain to die, resulting in dementia.

Respiratory Diseases  

If you’re suffering from any periodontal disease, the bacteria in your mouth can travel to your lungs, harming your respiratory system. This makes you vulnerable to chronic pneumonia or acute bronchitis.

Risk of Diabetes

Diabetic medicines and glucose monitor.


Studies estimate that about 95% of people in America have diabetes, and almost all of them suffer from some dental disease. If you have diabetes, you’re more vulnerable to certain infections. Bacteria that enter your body through your mouth can control your blood sugar levels.

Risk of Cancer

Many researchers have explained how individuals with dental problems can be diagnosed with cancer. As the study suggests, men with gum disease are 50% more likely to get pancreas or kidney cancers. They also have a 30% chance of having cancer within the blood. That’s an important reason to practice good oral hygiene!

Other Serious Issues

Here are some of the other health implications that result because of poor oral hygiene:

  • Risk of premature birth
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility problems

Dental Problems

Besides affecting your overall well-being, poor dental hygiene can also cause you severe dental problems. Loss of teeth and plaque buildup are symptoms you need to improve your oral hygiene. You may also experience halitosis, gingivitis, or mouth sores.

How to Clean Your Teeth



Here are a few effective tips for cleaning your teeth and preventing yourself from serious diseases:

  • Get a new toothbrush every two months. This limits bacteria on the brush and minimizes the risk of bacteria getting into your mouth.
  • Eat solid foods. They clean your teeth as you eat—for example, celery, apples, carrots, etc.
  • Brush with baking soda once a week to promote teeth whitening NJ.

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