Tooth Extraction in Pennsauken

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Tooth Extraction by Dr. Huh in Pennsauken, NJ

Do you need Tooth Extraction in Pennsauken? Good oral hygiene is very important since the loss of a single tooth can affect your oral health and appearance. Even though dentists will use every method to prevent tooth loss, there are still sometimes necessary occasions when a tooth need to be removed.


A tooth may need to be extracted if the following happens:

  • Impacted teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Infection / Abscess
  • Severe Periodontal Disease
  • Severe Decay (Non restorable tooth)
  • Orthodontic correction


Tooth Extraction Post – Operative Instructions

After the extraction of tooth, you may have bleeding, soreness, oozing or pain.

Bleeding should stop after 12 hours of extraction. However, Ooozing of red fluid for 1~2 days is normal.

Pain following the extraction of tooth is best treated with mild pain medication like Tylenol or Advil.


It is important not to disturb the area after the extraction, please be on soft diet and do not rinse the area vigorously after the extraction.

After 24 hours, rinsing mouth with warm salt water for a couple of minutes for a few days is helpful.



After thorough examination, Dr. Huh may advised to have a tooth removed. Before a tooth is removed, we will take an X ray first. Based on the degree of difficulty, Dr. Huh may refer you to an Oral Surgeon.

After a routine extraction, any problem should lessen within 3 days to 2 weeks. If you have problems, please contact us at 856-829-8668 immediately. Rapha Dental does Tooth Extraction in Pennsauken, NJ.