Tooth Extractions: Some Post-Operative Care Tips

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Tooth extractions are an incredibly common dental procedure that millions of Americans get each year. It’s performed on patients that are suffering from immense tooth pain and is most common for wisdom tooth extractions. Tooth extractions are performed by a highly trained and experienced oral surgeon.

During a tooth extraction treatment, the dentist conducts a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth and gums and aims to make the procedure as painless for patients as they can. The two main types of tooth extractions are simple extractions and surgical extractions.

In order for you to reduce the chances of complications after a tooth extraction, it’s important for you to invest time and energy into your dental health after the treatment. Your mouth is in a sensitive condition post-procedure, and you must take proactive measures to take care of it and quicken the recovery process.

Here are some post-operative care tips for tooth extractions:

Apply ice packs

After the tooth extraction, it’s recommended to apply an ice pack on the affected side for at least 24 hours. Keep in mind that the pain can increase after 48 to 72 hours, so don’t get too worried if that happens.

However, if you’re still experiencing pain after 72 hours and have increased muscle soreness, gently apply a towel soaked in hot water on the affected area. Open and close your mouth slowly, and make sure you keep your jaw muscles moving to prevent stiffness.

It’s also not uncommon to have facial bruises after oral surgery; just be patient and take the correct post-op care tips and they’ll go away in a few days.

Eat soft foods only

After your tooth extraction takes place, you need to give your mouth a sufficient amount of time to heal. Avoid eating hard and crunchy foods that will put extra pressure on your mouth and gums, and consider eating soft foods and liquids at room temperature.


Some foods you should consider incorporating in your diet include soup, pudding, yogurt, and applesauce.

Eat soft foods only

Avoid spitting

After your tooth extraction, you need to restrict yourself from vigorously rinsing your mouth or spitting excessively for at least 24 hours.

Brushing is extremely important and helps during the healing process, but it’s important for you to do it gently and slowly. Bleeding and intense tenderness is highly common after surgery, and carefully rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can be extremely helpful. However, only do this after meals and before you sleep.

After 24 hours, you can brush and floss as you normally do.

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