Understanding the Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

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Pediatric dentistry, by definition, is a medical specialty that focuses on the oral health of children from their infanthood to teenage years. It’s important that you get your children accustomed to trips to the dentist early on so that good oral hygiene practices can be incorporated into their lifestyle from the get-go.

During a visit to the dentist in your child’s first few years, they’re going to be inspected for the condition of their primary teeth. Also known as baby teeth, primary teeth are the first set of teeth that are later replaced by permanent ones. Both sets play a role in biting and chewing food, however, they differ in their composition and time of the eruption.

Your child will first start teething as early as after the first 6 months, and the first time they’ll experience a tooth falling out is at the age of 6. This is a completely normal process that happens to make room for new, permanent teeth.

If you’ve scheduled an appointment with the best dentist in NJ for pediatrics for your child or are planning on scheduling one, you’ll be pleased to learn there are many benefits that come with little children getting the hang of dental care early on in life.

1. They Get Rid of their Fear

A visit to the dentist at some point during childhood is inevitable, so when you take your child to see a dentist early on, they become accustomed to the experience, and ultimately the appointments that follow will become less stressful for them and you.

For children, being present in a clinical setting with a doctor probing at them with their equipment can be frightening, but once they understand that it’s a harmless process, your kids will give you less of a hard time getting settled for every checkup.

A childhood oral hygiene concept illustration

2. Good Oral Care Basics Are Established

Introducing children to the basics of taking care of their teeth and oral hygiene early will help them maintain these good habits in the long-run. Dental care for children is a multi-faceted task that involves learning how to use a toothbrush, when to brush, how to use mouthwash, what not to eat, and more.  After they get the hang of everything, they’ll be able to independently follow all care practices without you having to stay on your toes.

3. Prevents Tooth Decay and Other Health Issues

According to the CDC, dental cavities are the most common health issue in children. If left untreated, tooth decay can progressively become worse, often requiring more severe and painful interventions like a root canal or tooth extraction.

With regular appointments with the dentist and routine maintenance of oral hygiene, however, your kids are able to avoid tooth decay and other chronic health issues such as gum disease. You end up not only saving expenditure on costly dental procedures but also save lots of time while cutting down on stress.

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