What is the Main Cause of Bad Breath in Kids?

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You love your child with your heart and soul. You love them more than life itself.

But heck, even you have to admit, for quite some time now, their breath has been… ripe, to say the least!

It’s not that they don’t brush their teeth. But despite their efforts (and yours), it’s not enough, and it’s affecting their self-esteem.

Something clearly must be done!

Finding the Root Cause

With more than half of the general population suffering from halitosis (a technical term for bad breath), there’s plenty of information on what causes it among adults. The reasons range from unclean dentures and tobacco usage to faulty restorations and periodontal diseases.

However, when it comes to determining the cause among children, the reasons are quite different!

Reasons for Halitosis among Children

– Sinus Infection

That’s right! If your kid has been sniffling and coughing, the bacteria that have gathered in their nasal passages and throat might be to blame for their stinky breath. In this case, your best bet is to go to a doctor so they can prescribe the right medicine to get rid of the infection.

– Foreign Objects Lodged in their Nasal Passages

Kids are curious by nature. And it’s quite possible that your kid inserted a foreign object in their nasal cavity, just for laughs. Items like toy accessories, beads, and even food have been discovered inside children’s nasal passages. So if your kid is at the age when everything is answered potential hazard, it might be time to take them for a checkup, just in case.

– Swollen Tonsils

This goes back to the point about sore throats and sinus infections. If your child’s tonsils are infected i.e. are red, smell terrible, are inflamed or have white spots on them, take them to a pediatrician so they can prescribe an antibiotic.

– Dry Mouth

-Dry Mouth

They’re running around all day, screaming at the top of their lungs—of course they’re going to have a dry mouth! Especially among children who play sports and take water breaks, this lack of moisture in their mouth can lead to dry mouth, which in turn can cause an increase in cavities and tooth decay. Make it a habit for them to stay hydrated while they play and give them some sugarless hard candies so their bad breath doesn’t get worse.

Time for a Dental Appointment!

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