Why Early Diagnosis of Gum Disease Important

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When a gum problem is left untreated, it leads to periodontitis. This can result in tooth decay and other severe health problems.

Severe gum infections cause damage to the soft tissues, which will ultimately destroy the structure of your teeth, making you dependent on dentures.

Around 42 percent of adults in the US have symptoms of periodontal disease. To reduce the severity of gum disease, make sure you diagnose it immediately by visiting a dentist.

Gum diseases are one of the main causes of tooth loss. They can develop into dangerous health problems after undergoing two stages.

If it’s diagnosed in the initial stage, tooth loss and periodontitis can be prevented. This makes regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene extremely important.

Gingivitis – The First Stage of Gum Problems

The initial stage of gum disease has adverse effects on soft tissues. However, this is a painless process and can be treated easily by a general dentist.

Although the symptoms of gingivitis are very mild, it’s still important to get dental treatment at an early stage to prevent periodontitis.

Symptoms of gingivitis include bleeding gums, swelling, bad breath, and increased spaces between the teeth.

Periodontitis – Second Stage of Gum Problems

If you delay the treatment of gum disease, it’ll cause damage to the bone that’s supporting your teeth.

To make sure your teeth stay strong and healthy your whole life, visit a dentist regularly to get an early diagnosis of any gum problem.


If you notice any of these symptoms, reach out to a dentist and get your gums treated immediately.

What Do Healthy Gums Look Like?

Pink gums attached strongly with the teeth with the support of firm bone are an indication of healthy gums and strong teeth.

How Do You Detect Gingivitis?

Accumulation of bacteria inside the mouth leads to gingivitis. If you feel inflammation, swelling, and redness inside your gum or if your gums bleed during brushing, it’s a sign of gingivitis.

Make sure you visit your dentist after every 6 months for plaque removal to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

What does Periodontitis Feel Like?

Since periodontitis is the advanced stage of gingivitis, inflammation pulls the gums apart from the teeth, resulting in tooth loss.

This creates spaces between known as ‘periodontal pockets. These pockets allow food particles to get trapped inside which results in the build-up of bacteria and plaque.

The bone that is supporting the teeth gets attacked by bacterial toxins that result in infection.

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