4 Signs You Need a Root Canal

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A root canal is a simple dental procedure that’s focused on protecting your infected tooth from further decaying. It’s one of the most common dental procedures in the US according to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), with almost 15 million root canals being performed every year.

In most cases, a tooth with a root canal needs to be protected more because it’s fragile so the use of dental crowns is a common follow-up procedure. If you’re feeling any of the following symptoms, you should visit a dentist ASAP!

Persistent Pain

One of the most prominent symptoms of root canal requirements is that your tooth will ache. The pain may be persistent or it might come and go away but it will always come back. Another common thing is feeling pain deep in your tooth, sometimes even in the jaw or on your face.

Though there are other reasons for tooth pains as well like cavities, gum disease, or even some sort of infection. It’s always advised to visit a general dentist to understand the source of the pain.

Sensitivity To Extreme Temperatures

Another symptom of a root canal requirement is your teeth will be sensitive to hot and cold. You will feel a sharp pain in the affected area when you drink a hot beverage or eat something cold like ice cream. If this pain stays consistent for a longer time, you need to visit a root canal dentist because this might be an indication that the area may be infected or damaged.

Tooth Discoloration


Hot and cold beverages Root canal


The affected tooth may start to lose its color when it requires a root canal. Damaged teeth start turning darker with time resulting in a grayish-black appearance. This appearance is also caused by the blood vessel and veins getting damaged, due to which there is an inadequate blood supply to the area.

On the other hand, discoloration of your tooth does have other reasons as well. It’s always a good reason to visit a dentist regularly so they could keep your oral health in check.

Swollen gums

Swollen gums are another symptom of a damaged tooth that requires a root canal. If your gum is swollen near a specific tooth, there’s a serious chance that you’ll need a root canal. The area may be sensitive to touch or your toothbrush. The swelling can be consistent or come and go.

The swelling is caused by the acidic waste products of dead pulp tissues due to the infection spread around the area. You might even get a pimple on your gum (gum boil) that can result in your mouth tasting bad or you having a bad breath.

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